Paul Ryan is a Complete Scumbag*

This is what Republicans actually think. "Here's a buck fifty kid, now get outta here."

*He may also be any or all of the following:

  1. Russian agent
  2. Idiot
  3. Asshole
  4. Racist
  5. Corporatist
  6. Shitbag
  7. Self-absorbed
  8. Singer for Me First and the Gimmie-Gimmies
  9. Fraud
  10. Eddie Munster

This is an actual Tweet from him that has since been “deleted”

In case he trips and face plants into a pile of decency and deletes it, I capped an image:

Paul, the internet remembers all.

Yes. $1.50 per week. 21¢ per day. You know what the Grand Obstructionist Party did? They created their own “help feed the poor starving children overseas” and used the tax “cut” to make their annual donation. You know the ones I mean right? “For only 20 cents a day you can help change an American’s life. Donate today.” Those commercials. That’s what they did.

Basic Costco memberships are $60 annually. For those playing at home, this secretary with her weekly annuity of $1.50 brings home $78 for this year only. Doing the math, she nets $18 extra this year and only this year because this is a one time deal for us plebeians. That’s 35¢ extra per week or 5¢ extra per day. Maybe she can use that to help feed starving children overseas.

This Tweet isn’t a mistake. This is what Republicans actually think. “Here’s a buck fifty kid, now get outta here.” Even worse millions of people actually VOTE for said Republicans.

He’s being torn apart by people responding to him so at least people are paying some attention. I can only hope the Wisconsinites in the 1st Congressional district take this to the voting booths later this year and cast their votes for the Iron Stache himself, Randy Bryce(@ironstache), an army vet, union iron worker, cancer surviving, public school educated Democrat running to unseat Eddie Paul.

Ryan’s gonna have to do a hell of a lot more soup kitchen photo ops to catch up to Mr. Stache’s cred.

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5 comments on “Paul Ryan is a Complete Scumbag*

  1. I just donated $1.50 to Randy Bryce’s campaign.You should, too.

  2. Sure, Paul Ryan is a scum bad and toxic douche from hell. But he’s no different than the rest of the Republicans in the house, he’s just more visible now as the speaker. Noticed he got 1,362 likes and over 800 hundred retweets on his absurd tweet before he pulled it, the biggest problem in America remains an ignorant and foolish electorate.

    • cassandram

      I’d bet that alot of those retweets were comments dragging Ryan. That’s how I even saw this on Twitter.

  3. cassandram

    If this secretary makes about 30K/year, she got an increase of <.3% of her salary. Which doesn't begin to help provide the kind of economic activity that will fill the deficit hole they created for this.

  4. cassandram

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