Fredo Tweets – Or, Is Don Jr. Really This Dumb?

This is amazing.

The FBI reaction to the memo is Indicative of a lot. All of congress has seen it, not just the special committees. Also weird that for the first time ever the media wants less info? What are they hiding?

17 hours ago

It was good enough to fire McCabe, no one argues its factually inaccurate, but now days later they want to protect the names of those involved in a scandal that was big enough to fire a senior official a month before retirement? They don’t deserve a pass on that!

18 hours ago

This is getting scary. So McCabe got fired because of it and no one who has seen it (including FBI) seems to doubt the validity of it but now the people who help unmask private citizens want to mask the perpetrators identities? Do I have that right? Insanity.

Fire McCabe? Thought the White House claimed he resigned. They hang themselves with every word and tweet. A smart person would stop talking and tweeting.

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