The Final Year — A Blue Delaware Movie Event!

The Final Year is a widely liked documentary of the Final Year of the Obama White House and its National Security team.  Lots of access and lots of lots of reminders of what it was like for the grownups to be in charge.

This movie is playing at Theater N in Wilmington this weekend and a few of the blog editors here are planning to go to the Saturday (Feb 3) 7pm showing.  Want to join us?  We’ll meet over at the Ale House first, about 5:30 then walk over to the Theater.  We’d enjoy meeting you and it will be a nice rest day for those of you in Super Bowl marathon eating and drinking training mode.

It might be worth it to buy your ticket in advance.

Hope you will consider hanging out with us on Saturday !

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5 comments on “The Final Year — A Blue Delaware Movie Event!

  1. I’ll be there!

  2. I have family in town, but am planning on popping in to the Ale House! We should have a Blue Delaware sign so people can find us! My printer is acting up, but I have markers!

  3. cassandram

    I’ll be there! And I have my ticket too!

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