SOTU Open Thread

If you’re watching and want to weigh in… Have at it.

10 comments on “SOTU Open Thread

  1. Delaware Dem

    I will not be watching. I just can’t. I hear late reports that he will be very provocative against North Korea tonight, which I am sure will go over well. Here’s hoping we wake up tomorrow.

    • Here’s hoping!

      I debated on putting this post up, but… there it is.

      I will probably watch tonight. Haven’t decided yet.

  2. cassandram

    Not watching! Not listening! Besides, who needs this Government for Sale shit?

  3. cassandram

    I’m still not watching. But Phillip Bump pre-wrote a selection of SOTU hot takes for you to tweet out or blog so you don’t have to watch anything. The Twitter reaction is hilarious. And more fun than the SOTU could hope to be,

  4. I’d love to watch, but I have this AMAZING coat of paint on my wall that I just have to watch dry.

  5. Do any of you follow this Twitter handle?

    You should follow this Twitter handle.

    • I follow HoarseWisperer! Wonderful!

      So many lies tonight. And sooooooooo looooooooong. It would help if he didn’t read aloud like a second grader. So stilted, and his inability to read a sentence smoothly is odd.

  6. All night I’ve been seeing SOTU and unconsciously reading it as STFU.

  7. Did not watch and damn proud of it, Trump nauseates me upon sight. Then again so does Pence, Ryan, McConnell etc. etc. etc.

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