Interview with AG Candidate Chris Johnson

We finally have a progressive candidate for a Attorney General in Chris Johnson.   Johnson is the former (as of yesterday) Deputy Legal Counsel for Governor Carney and former counsel for the City of Wilmington Law Department.  He has also been an attorney in private practice in Delaware and Pennsylvania.   He serves as the Vice Chair of the Wilmington Democratic Party, and serves on the Executive Committee of the Delaware Bar Association and on the Board of Directors of the Delaware Center for Justice.

Today, at noon, Mr. Johnson will announce his candidacy at the Police Athletic League of Wilmington at 3707 Market Street in Wilmington.   The campaign announcement will also feature a Career Advancement workshop that will include resume writing and review, mock interviews, GED information sessions and voter registration.  These services will be emblematic of Johnson’s campaign theme to bring proactive crime prevention, rehabilitation and reentry programs back to our criminal justice system.

I sat down for an interview with him at the Jackson Inn on Thursday, so forgive some crowd noise and a guitar player in the background.  In the interview, Mr. Johnson states that he opposes the death penalty and will not seek it as Attorney General should the penalty ever become available again in Delaware, and that he supports the legalization of marijuana.  He also supports criminal justice reform efforts like the Bail Reform that just passed.



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11 comments on “Interview with AG Candidate Chris Johnson

  1. This candidiate really gets to the issues that plague our communities.

  2. Excellent kickoff with great turn-out! His positions are clear and make so much sense!

  3. Stan Merriman

    This man is the real deal.

  4. Exciting!

  5. Loved what I’ve heard so far, seems he’s getting every issue right. Really, really hope he wins, we need this guy.

  6. He’s got my vote.

  7. Wow. I’m all in. How is it that Carney operates in the impotent fog that he does with these kinds of quality hires? Also – Great interview. First rate blogging.

  8. I think the guitar in the background was a nice touch.

    In other news, I didn’t expect your voice to sound like that. I thought it would be much more gruff and angry. You actually sound like a nice guy! 😉

  9. Russ Melrath

    I m all in for CHRIS. Russ

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