Sturgeon Impressive in Fundraising, but Lavelle Impressive in Cash on Hand

Another race we are analyzing the fundraising reports in is the 4th Senate District.   You have the Paul Ryan of Delaware, the Senate Minority Whip Greg Lavelle, facing off against Democratic challenger Laura Sturgeon.    Sturgeon’s fundraising covered nine months of 2017, and she raised $53,605.00.    For an upstart first time candidate, that is impressive.

Lavelle raised $67,196.31 over the entire year of 2017.    Sturgeon averaged just under $6,000 a month in donations.  So if she had been raising money for all of 2017 like Lavelle, she would have actually outraised him, $71,000 to $67,000.

But Lavelle has been at this fundraising gig for a while know, and he has $216,824.84 in cash on hand.   But $75,000 of that is a loan.

Regardless, Sturgeon’s campaign has the fundraising potential to be a serious challenge to Lavelle.

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14 comments on “Sturgeon Impressive in Fundraising, but Lavelle Impressive in Cash on Hand

  1. cassandram

    Sturgeon’s report also reflects a solid grassroots fundraising effort. Plenty of small and local donors. She’s been making alot of contacts and generating real interest in her campaign. She and her team look like they are out on the doors almost every weekend.

  2. Best of Luck Greg!

  3. LavelleDefeater

    And if you want to donate to Laura, you can do so here:

  4. Laura is a crony. She is connected to a former state senator named Patty Blevins who we work is very hard to get voted out. Now Patty Blevins is using Laura to get her foot back in the door behind the scenes. Patty Blevins was a crony, so I can’t see anything other then Laura being the same. Patty Blevins to stream more families than Hitler in Delaware.
    She has caused more constitutional flaws within the family court in any state senator in the state of Delaware. Laura would only be just like her. Be mindful, Mister Lavelle is the better candidate. He isn’t being pushed around by big corporations and back by former state senator who would only sneak her way back in and make life a whole hell of a lot worse than what it already is for most families in Delaware. Beware, she is not all of what she Raves to be.

    • *destroyed. Few typos

    • cassandram

      Laura is a teacher. And she could help you with the definition of “crony”. Laura is as grassroots as it gets. You can tell that by her campaign finance form — which is different from the contributions from PACs, lobbyists, corporations and the usual GOP suspects that Lavelle got his funding from. No grassroots there — just the usual players buying their place at the table. Next time, you should comment on something true about Laura. While we appreciate a preview of what the spin is going to be, it is laughable on its face. Teachers for Senate — get people into office with a track record of working for a living.

    • Senator Blevins worked very hard for the community, and I am excited to see the good Ms.Sturgeon will do if given the opportunity. As far as you comment about family court becoming a “hell” because of Senator Blevins, are you referring to her working to strengthen penalties for child abuse? How is this a bad thing for families and children, as you implied? It would seem that you have some issues with the family court system, and you are focusing your frustrations on The Senator and any female candidates she works with moving forward.

    • I look forward to voting Lavelle out of office. I have given up contacting him about legislation. If I get a response from him it’s dismissive. His entire agenda appears to consist of trying to break up unions & pose for volleyball charity event photos. We need someone who listens to their constituents–not just the Greenville area, but the Pike Creek & Fairfax folks.

  5. Another union hack, just what the state needs…

    • cassandram

      Someone who works for a living — teaching our kids. You could learn something from this productive member of society.

  6. Marianne

    I’m for Greg … all the way. He’s a good man; he’s worked at the grass roots level for years on behalf of all of us. He’s a great family and an integral part of the Fairfax area and surrounding communities. He’s available to all of us when we need him. He represents us all. He fights for excellence in education on behalf of all our children. He understands how to foster economic prosperity and expansion of the middle class through good paying jobs. He supports responsible economic development in our area for the benefit of all Delawareans. He supports protection of our environment and open space. You couldn’t find a better human being to represent us as our State Senator. Thank you for all you’ve done for us all, Senator Lavelle! I truly appreciate you!

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