Lockman Crushes Hines and Marshall in Fundraising.

So the Annual 2017 off year financial reports were due on January 21 or campaigns with active finance committees.   Some candidates have announced and filed but have not formed a finance committee yet and/or have not raised any money yet, and so we will have no complete financial reports from them yet.  And some candidates have been up and running for a good part of 2017.    A good race to analyze in this respect is the 3rd Senate District Democratic primary.    You have an incumbent Senator who is long past his expiration date with respect to retirement.   And you have two young upstart candidates challenging him: Jordan Hines and Elizabeth “Tizzy” Lockman.

Lockman destroyed them both in fundraising.   She raised $31,317.68 over the last few months of 2017, and has $26,804.70 cash on hand.   She has no loans.

Hines has raised $4,888.84, and has $3,365.00 cash on hand, and $3,525.00 in loans.

Bobby Marshall has raised $300.00.  He has $1,333.36 in cash on hand.

I think that is the clearest signal yet that Marshall is retiring.   He has not filed for reelection yet, but he has until July 10 to do so.

*To find out more about the campaign, or to donate, go to this LINK.



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12 comments on “Lockman Crushes Hines and Marshall in Fundraising.

  1. Disclaimer: I work on Tizzy’s campaign.

    That said, this is one of the most well-run campaigns I’ve seen – shades of Eugene Young’s. People just want to be involved in this campaign, which says a lot about the candidate and her platform.

  2. cassandram

    In recent years, Marshall often self-funds then forgives the loan. He’ll get some funding from some unions and some lobbyist groups, but mostly he’ll write himself a check.

  3. Unstable Isotope

    Can you add a link on how to donate to her campaign?

  4. Unstable Isotope

    Thanks! Please add the links to all the posts on D fundraising.

  5. Go Tizzy, go! She’s clearly the woman for the job!

  6. Delaware needs a change! Don’t vote the same old thing!

  7. Very impressive job by Ms. Lockman, I am excited to see what she brings to the future of Delaware!

  8. Joe Connor

    As noted Bobby M will pay his expenses. Do NOT assume he is out! Click it, donate, share it! and repeat!

  9. @Anono: It’s really poor manners to come into somebody’s house and lay a turd on the rug. This is no place for links to the GOP. Keep your delusions on your own web site. Oh, wait.

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