Finally, a Democratic Primary Challenger for Tom Carper

There is a current mystery on Facebook.  A mystery candidate is launching her (yes, it is a her) campaign to challenge Senator Tom Carper on February 10, 2018. We know this because a Facebook Event Notice went up today from the Dare to Act DE Facebook Account. The event and the page has drawn interest from notable progressive activists.  And the candidate message reads as follows:

A veteran, mother, and community activist will announce her candidacy in the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate. If elected, she will become the first ever woman of color to represent Delaware in the U.S. Senate.   During the announcement, the candidate will announce her support for single-payer healthcare, universal pre-K, a $15 minimum wage, and opposition to all bills that expand fracking and offshore drilling.

Sounds great!  A long held wish that Carper would get a progressive challenger if only to dislodge him from his forever goal of seeking a bipartisan policy first and foremost.

I asked around and the identity of the candidate is being kept secret for now, in order to drum up interest, and I must say, that is a genius tactic and it is working.

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18 comments on “Finally, a Democratic Primary Challenger for Tom Carper


    This is more than enough reason to throw Carper out.

    • Already called Carper’s offices to inform them his performance, or lack there of, against the Trump agenda has lost him my vote and it will go to his yet-unnamed primary opponent. Childish? sure. Satisfying?… more than i expected it to be.
      As always, folks, be kind to the person who answers the phone. They will pass along your message.

  2. Whoever she is, she’s got my vote.

  3. Please let it be Cassandra . . .

  4. Damn near cause for celebration, tell me where to send money, I’m am so ready for this!

  5. WOW, ready to vote for someone, not knowing their full background or credentials. LAME! That is why Delaware is in such a mess!

    • Nah, it’s link posting trolls like you and the Republicans that stink the state up. SAD! Just SAD!!!

      • Bam, You only have to look at what we have in the WH now! You’re ready to get behind someone just on talking points! THAT is what’s wrong with politics. Wait to see their credentials, hey it’s a great marketing idea, let’s just give out a little bit of info and stuff that we get the base excited.
        THAT IS SAD!

        • There’s the “Anyone else can’t be worse than Carper” factor is also at play here.

  6. Next Episode on The Bachelor

    The fact that we live in a world where people think this mystery shit is normal makes me want to fight with every bone in my body to destroy this mystery person’s campaign.

    Who the fuck comes up with this corny reality TV shit?

    • Someone who realizes we have to exist in reality. This stupid stuff is what people respond to…. Even morons vote and im all for shaking something shiney to get them to the booth on our side. I dont like the secret stuff either, but we’ll give her a mulligan… To steal a term… Because dispite the theatrics, this person could be an improvement.

    • I think it’s more about how small Delaware is and how powerful Carper is that makes this a viable idea. I’m sure the Carper campaign somehow has her name has run back rounds check for all oppo research but I for one am in favor of change. We are supposed to be a blue state (one of the few) our representatives should act like it.

  7. A complete guess, that’s based on the description: Dr. Debbie Harrington She was one the people that wanted the Democratic Nomination for 10th Senate District in the Special Election and I was pretty impressed by her the one time I heard her speak….. We’ll find out on the 10th.

  8. nathan arizona

    Yes, her bio suggests that it probably is Harrington. Boffo reality-show revelation a bust?

  9. elizabeth

    No dem could be worse than Carper who has always been a puke..

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