Denn to join lawsuit against FCC on Net Neutrality. Carper/Coons onboard?

As Cassandra mentioned in yesterday’s Open Thread, it would appear that our Senators Tom Carper and Chris Coons are onboard with the Democratic plan to vote to repeal the FCC’s anti-net neutrality rules, according to Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer.   I wish I could have heard it from my own Senators’ mouths.  I suppose telecom donations require muteness.

Future Senator/Governor Matt Denn, the current Attorney General, indicated this week that his office, on behalf of the First State, will be joining a multi-state lawsuit that has been joined by 22 other Attorneys General that seeks to block the FCC’s move overturning net neutrality regulations.    You can review the Petition here.

“The free and open internet has become a backbone to the way our people, our business and our society work, learn and live,” Denn said in a release announcing Delaware’s involvement. “The FCC not only made the wrong decision, they made it in a flawed way, so my fellow Attorneys General and I will work to reverse it through this action.” The repeal of net neutrality, Denn noted in the release, would have “dire consequences for consumers and businesses in Delaware and across the country” by allowing internet service providers to block certain content, charge consumers more to access certain sites, and throttle down or slow the quality of content from content providers that don’t pay more, a cost which could ultimately be passed along to the consumer.  Denn said that “[u]nder the Administrative Procedure Act, the FCC cannot make ‘arbitrary and capricious’ changes to existing policies, such as net neutrality. The FCC’s new rule fails to justify the Commission’s departure from its long-standing policy and practice of defending net neutrality, while misinterpreting and disregarding critical record evidence on industry practices and harm to consumers and businesses.”

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2 comments on “Denn to join lawsuit against FCC on Net Neutrality. Carper/Coons onboard?

  1. I called the C & C Washington offices late last week to let them know it wasn’t looking good that they were among the very few D’s not supporting this push to use the Congressional Review Act to restore net neutrality. So they “leapt” on board at the last minute. They are most certainly DINOs…
    I will call the AG’s office to say thanks and to ask him how soon he’s going to push Carper out of the way!

  2. Like many others I’ve been calling Coons & Carpers offices for weeks on a repeated basis. Believe their scared at this point and will actually do what’s right. Still in recovery at the thought as the shock was deep and prolonged.

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