If Collins is for it, how can Carper and Coons be against?

This is a big if:

The Vote for Net Neutrality website says 44 Senators are voting yes to restore Net Neutrality.   Our two supposedly Democratic Senators are still, inexplicably, silent on whether they stand with the consumer or with corporations and the telecom industry that wants to cut services and raise fees on the consumer.   Hey, Bipartisan loving Tom Carper, Susan Collins is on board now, so you now have permission to vote yes.

Join me in tweeting at Senator Carper and Senator Coons.  Tell them you will not be voting for anyone who doesn’t vote to save Net Neutrality.

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6 comments on “If Collins is for it, how can Carper and Coons be against?

  1. Disgusting but not surprising, isn’t it? Once again the DINO not so dynamic duo reveals just how deeply their in the pockets of assorted corporations and the rich people that own them. I’ve called already but will do so again, will also tweet the hell out of their sorry posteriors. Would love to hear their reasons for not signing on, other than “they gave me a lot of money” of course.

  2. Lets ring their phones off the hook all day. By not voting for this, they are siding with Trump and everything he stands for and says. No tolerance for collaborators.

  3. called both of them this morning; surprise, they both are “actively considering” their options and they are both in favor of net neutrality. I told them the same thing, “if you don’t get on board soon you’ll be standing ONLY with your republiCon colleagues and the people you represent won’t forget” What spineless men!

    • Called both around noon, Carper “has not co-sponsored, but that does not mean he won’t vote for it”, (Uh huh)
      Coons is “reviewing…”.

      • Sounds like the answers I get from Sen. Hansen’s office about HB110. im so sick of these DINOs. If you arent fully against the Trump/Arpaio agenda you are for it.

  4. Thomas O'Hagan

    Emailed both. Form letter back from Carper, nothing from Coons. Rewrote Carper telling him I wanted a response not a form letter. As expected got nothing.

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