Bravo, Senator Feinstein!

It’s not everyday I have something to cheer this Senator on about.  But today she released the transcript of the Fusion GPS interview of co-founder Glenn Simpson.  GOP members of this committee have refused to vote on releasing this interview, but they have been spinning up quite the story for their Fox News constituents to try to discredit this.  So Senator Feinstein released all 300+ pages.

I haven’t read it.  But I think that if the GOP can refer charges against Mr. Steele to the FBI without her input, then releasing this interview info is an excellent comeback.

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. -- Shirley Chisolm

18 comments on “Bravo, Senator Feinstein!

  1. This is how all Democrats everywhere at all levels of government must proceed from now on. Fuck the norms. Fuck the rules. Unless something is actually a crime, do it, no matter the hollowing from the media or the Republicans.

  2. cassandram

    Kevin Drum is reading this thing and discovers that the FBI had a mole inside the Trump campaign.

    • Reading it now too. Testimony highlights: Trump was doing business all over former Soviet states. He has direct ties Russian money launderers. Steele took it upon himself to tell FBI because feared blackmail of Trump. FBI said information collaborated what THEIR INSIDE INFORMANT IN THE CAMPAIGN had told them. Who’s the mole? Preibus? Conway?

    • oh jesus… here comes the “see? I was wiretapped!!!!!!!!!!!!” nonsense. (clearly he wasnt, but when has something like the truth mattered to MAGATs?

  3. Have not read the transcript, it’s slow going to say the least. But it blows the lid off the Republicans games and from what little I know it’s a real eye opener. Not a Feinstein fan but here’s a hearty well done!

  4. RE Vanella

    As an Italian speaker, and as a pedant, I must insist, the the post should use Brava, as the subject is feminine. I think you may be sexist, subconsciously. Real shame.

    • As a working musician of over 40 years I have yet to hear anyone yell Brava, sadly the same goes for Bravo……

  5. cassandram

    So now the GOP is mad enough to sue Buzzfeed who published the Steele dossier a year ago. Apparently they are pretty pissed off that they no longer have the advantage of lying about all of this now that the Fusion testimony is out. And apparently they need to rattle some sabers at the Press who keep getting evidence of all of their corruption.

  6. More Russia-gate minutiae that the voters don’t care about.

  7. So proud as a native of San Francisco that she had the courage to shine light on the truth when so many around her failed us in that regard.

  8. @delacrat: Is there an election tomorrow? No? So who cares what “voters” think about it today?

    • “So who cares what ‘voters’ think …” – alby

      Now that just says it all.

      When the dems express such a blanket contempt for voters, it’s little wonder why they’ve lost control all 3 branches of the federal government and over 1,000 state seats nationally.

  9. The point was they’re not “voters” for another 12 months. Jesus, you really are a dope. I certainly hope you’re getting paid for this trolling, because otherwise it’s pointless.

    • You’re sayin’ voters are to be ignored unless “there[‘s] an election tomorrow.”

      Wow. With Dems like you, who needs Repubs.

  10. No, I’m saying there are 12 months before the election. The minutiae you say nobody cares about –which simply means you’re too dim to understand — will be cared about by then. That’s all.

    Who made you the Democrat police, by the way? I’m a Democrat for the sake of primaries, just as I used to be a Republican when they held more primaries.

    With Bernie Bras like you, no wonder the Hillaryites hate us all.

    • But, I don’t care that I am hated by Hillaryites, why does their approval matter so much to you/

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