Cummings, Brown join Guy in 2nd SD race

When the loathsome Sam Guy classlessly pushed Senator Margaret Rose Henry to announce her retirement early, we have prayed for more and different and better candidates to replace the longtime progressive champion.

Well, we have more.  Are they different?   Better?   We will see.

First up is former Wilmington Police Chief Bobby Cummings.   Cummings, 54, was former Mayor Dennis P. Williams’ police chief, and thus was the city’s top law enforcement official during the rise in Wilmington’s crime and murder rate.  He retired last spring after new Mayor Mike Purzycki sought to hire a new chief.

From the News Journal:

“If the Delaware Way means trying to preserve the status quo or kick the can down the road at the expense of progress and change, I will be the voice of change,” Cummings said to a group of three dozen supporters at the Rose Hill Community Center in New Castle.   […]  “Since I have not been a politician, I will look at issues in a new way and seek creative solutions to our state’s challenges,” he said in his remarks Friday.

The second candidate is former Wilmington City Councilman Darius Brown, 36, who ran for city treasurer last year but lost in a close three way race between himself, Velda Jones Potter and Ken Matlusky.    From the News Journal article, he seems to be explicitly going for both the progressive and African American vote.

As a District 3 councilman, Brown, 36, sponsored legislation that provided paid parental leave for city employees, required city contractors to pay workers a minimum of $10.10 an hour and served on a task force that provided a framework for lowering city health care costs.   […]  “It’s the one seat in the Delaware state Senate for over the last 50 years that has been held by an African-American and is the only seat held by an African-American,” he said. “I look forward to representing the issues and concerns of the African-American community in the 2nd senatorial district.”

On paper, and with my preference for a new generation of leadership, my preference is for Darius Brown at the moment in this collection of candidates.  Anything is better than Sam Guy, including keeping the seat vacant for four years.   And I am not sure Dennis P. Williams’ police chief is the future we need.  What are you thoughts?

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5 comments on “Cummings, Brown join Guy in 2nd SD race

  1. I thought I told yall to leave Guy’s name out of the bad talk. It aint nothin but jealousy and thats a sad thing. He’s a good democrat, and has been leading the charge for years. Guy knows guv on all levels. All other talk is just jealousy. Still haven’t seen any facts against him.

    • cassandram

      If you aren’t happy with the discussion here, then go away. You are not in a position to tell anyone here to “leave anyone’s name” out of a conversation. This belligerent bullshit is just that. If you don’t have anything more than this, walk off or be banned. No further warning.

      • I’m just asking for facts. If you and others are going to go after Guy, then tell us why instead of the name calling. I aint never curse or call anyone names like the person who posted above this. Guy knows Guv.

  2. HyperbolicDem

    On paper, Cummings has the qualifications. I’ve met him and he seems like an intelligent, reasonable guy. Darius Brown is also a smart, reasonable guy, with legislative experience. I wish one of them would run for Council President. Darius has the municipal experience to do it.

    I agree, however, that anything is better than Sam Guy. We need to rid ourselves of him in public service as soon as humanly possible.

    • Still no facts. I’m waiting for you to list something against Sam guy. I bet you cant do it.

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