Bipartisan GA Leadership want utility tax cut windfall to be given back to the consumer

Delaware’s Public Advocate, Andrew Slater, announced on the Friday that he was calling on Delaware’s utilities to pass on to taxpayers any windfall received from the Republican Tax Scam for the Wealthy and Corporations.  Yesterday, Representatives John Kowalko and Kim Williams persuaded twenty four of their colleagues, including the House and Senate Democratic Leadership and the House Republican Leadership (though conspicuously missing Delaware’s mini vacuous Paul Ryan, Greg Lavelle), to sign onto a letter supporting Advocate Slater’s call.

“We, the undersigned legislators, wish to express our full and unconditional support for Public Advocate Drew Slater’s petition to the Public Service Commission listed as Docket NO. 17-1240”.    On his website, Kowalko stated that “the reasoning expressed by the Public Advocate’s office in this matter is impeccably accurate and on point and succinctly describes the avenues already available for utility companies to recover a more than fair “Return On Equity” (ROE) through existing regulatory processes.” He “hope[d] the Commission will grant the Public Advocates petition in its entirety. This is the only fair and equitable method to ensure that ratepayers are able to recover “their” investments”.

There is a Public Service Commission hearing on this issue today at 1 pm down in Dover, though with the weather today it might be postponed.   But there is a link at Kowalko’s website for you to leave a comment supporting the Advocate’s petition yourself.

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8 comments on “Bipartisan GA Leadership want utility tax cut windfall to be given back to the consumer

  1. cassandram

    Bravo to Mr. Slater for seeing an opportunity to make sure the tax scam benefits rate payers. More like this, please!

  2. What about the “Tax Scam” of Bloom Energy!

    • Delaware Dem

      LOL. That was a public investment in a new renewable energy. You can criticize it on being a wrong or a bad investment, but it was not a tax scam.

      • Delaware Dem; you must be so feeble minded, thinking that Natural Gas is a renewable energy. @ Jason330, “so little”. WOW, what the educational system in DE could do with $166 million.
        And why do you think that the News Journal would run an article on Bloom and bury it the next day. Because they don’t want people to get upset and raise the issues with their elected officials. You would rather be a lemming and just follow the Delaware Way!

  3. Anono simply must be a Russian trollbot. No human could be so single minded, about so little, for so long.

    • He has skills acquired thru long hard posts of practice and pestilence. But I’m not ruling out Bot as it seems a good fit.

  4. @Anono: If you weren’t such a moron, you would know that Mr. Slater has already spoken against the Bloom deal back on Dec. 12. But you’re a moron, so here we are.

    • Alby, no kidding. Put our elected officials on the hot seat about this! That’s $166 million we’re talking about, of course the tax incentives and extreme discount on lease.
      Piss poor deal that was made! That money would go along way toward education or services to the poor.

      Of course you don’t care Alby, you’re off to France and not too soon!

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