The Polling Report for December 11, 2017

A new Trafalgar Group (R) poll in Alabama finds Roy Moore (R) leading Doug Jones (D) in the U.S. Senate race, 51% to 46%.

A new Gravis poll finds Moore leading Jones, 49% to 45%.

NBC News: “From November 2016 to November 2017 there was a 5-point drop in the number of people who call themselves Republicans, from 42% to 37%, according to Gallup. In that same time, the number of people identifying as Democrats stayed flat at 44%.”

“Do the math and a 2-point edge for the Democrats in party identification, 44% to 42%, has been pushed to 7 points, 44% to 37%, in just one year. That’s getting up into the area that may be a concern for Republicans in the 2018 midterms, where a big swing in party allegiance could lead to a swing in House and Senate seats. “

A new USA Today/Suffolk University Poll finds just 32% support the GOP tax plan while 48% oppose it.  Key finding: “That’s the lowest level of public support for any major piece of legislation enacted in the past three decades, including the Affordable Care Act in 2009.”

“Americans are skeptical of the fundamental arguments Republicans have made in selling the bill: A 53% majority of those surveyed predict their own families won’t pay lower taxes as a result of the measure, and an equal 53% say it won’t help the economy in a major way.”

A new Economist/YouGov poll finds that 51% of Republicans continue to believe the claim that former President Obama was born in Kenya.  With that backdrop, most Republicans also “doubt that Russia hacked into DNC emails or spread fake news during last year’s campaign in order to help elect Donald Trump president.”

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10 comments on “The Polling Report for December 11, 2017

  1. RabCNesbitt

    I’m sure that most Republicans would prefer that Roy Moore wasn’t the candidate ,but he is, thanks to the Democrat’s strategic timing of the reveal. Now, there will be a shit storm of immense proportions in the likely event that he wins….It’s about to get ridiculous people. #constitutionalcrisis

    • If you read how this story broke, you’d know that it wasn’t a Dem strategy.

    • if by “shit storm”, you mean “total acceptance by the republican party”, I agree.
      And I think you’re wrong. I think republicans LOVE that Moore is the candidate. He “makes libruls mad” and represents their true values.

  2. cassandram

    Fox News poll released today has Moore up on Jones by 10 points — 50 – 40. Last one reported by Fox had Jones up by 8. Outliers, clearly. But I think it is fair to not rely on these polls to tell us very much, really.

    • Moore is going to win. Just saying this because I’ll have zero tolerance for anyone spinning this as a major Dem defeat and Yuge setback. No pearl clutching allowed. 🙂

      • A Democrat losing in Alabama isn’t news. What is news is the amount of people willing to put party over country at the national level.

        • What else might be news is how narrow the victory will be. Trump won Alabama 62-34.

          • You have an awful lot of confidence in American’s ability to parse facts. I doubt even Sen Gardener will ever make another peep after tomorrow.

  3. I never thought for a moment that Jones would beat Moore, obviously the better man for the job or not. Neither am I surprised the “party of family values” puts winning first and never really cared about morals, or for that matter let a proclivity for molesting children get in the way of victory.

    • They dont see it as a problem. I watched a pretty chilling video of Alabama republicans talking about their support for Moore.
      It comes down to
      … “They are all paid liars, even if they arent, why did they wait so long?… and then, ‘he only hit on them, it never went further than that, even if it did, my grandmother was married at 14 and times were different then’… then finally ‘he has repented”
      They are fucking scum and there is nothing we an really do about it. I guess hope the GOP tax plan hits them the hardest and makes it o they cant physically make it to the voting booth.

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