The Polling Report for December 8, 2017

A new Pew Research survey finds that just 32% of the public approves of the way President Trump is handling his job — a new low — while 63% disapprove.

A new CBS News poll finds 53% of Americans disapprove of the Republican tax plan being considered by Congress – including four in 10 who disapprove strongly, and only one in five Americans expect their own taxes to go down.

“Few Americans think the plan will lead to lower taxes for them personally, and this is true of Republicans as well, despite their strong support of the plan. One-third of Republicans think their taxes will be lowered; most Democrats expect their own taxes will go up. By almost a 2 to 1 margin, independents are more likely to think they’ll go up rather than down.”

 A new Quinnipiac poll finds 70% of Americans believe the U.S. Congress should investigate allegations of sexual harassment against President Trump, while 25% say he should not be investigated.

Axios plots data from the most recent Pew Research poll which finds President Trump’s approval falling across the board.

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4 comments on “The Polling Report for December 8, 2017

  1. those poll numbers are amazing, especially with a strong economy. Though I don’t think they would move much if the economy tanked, maybe just from disapprove to strong disapprove. ~30% of this country lives in some sorta Fox News/Hannity inspired state of delusion.

  2. As expected the Trump lovers are slow to wake up, the rest of us know we hate his guts and why. As for the senate tax bill other than the rich there’s something to hate with passion for everybody, time will reveal it’s true depths of evil. Interesting to note despite accounting games and tricks it’s becoming undeniable that the bill will generate a trillion dollars more deficit. Unless your Paul Ryan or one of his evil acolytes of course.

    • It will create a “dire need to deal with these dern entitlements”. Im under 35… i dont expect to see a penny of the SS money I’ve paid in. …”older voters” will be convinced to fuck over the young and admonish us for being :”entitled” when we have something to say about it. At this point, I say fuck it. Refund everything i’ve paid in and let me start a mattress-bank. It seems just as secure as anything else these days.

  3. cassandram

    So what these polls confirm is that there is no one in Washington governing for the many of us. The GOP has decided that their donors are the people they are governing for, but if they add a good dose of racial resentments on top, they can get white evangelicals and other white working class to support anything they do. These polls confirm that most people know that there is no governing happening for the majority of us and even though there is alot of discontent, the GOP is counting on bamboozling enough people to get away with it.

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