Daily Delawhere for November 11, 2017

For a taste of New Orleans-style, a good restaurant is Nora Lee’s, a cajun place on Delaware Street in New Castle.  Photo by xzmattzx.

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3 comments on “Daily Delawhere for November 11, 2017

  1. stan merriman

    Sorry, but as a pretty experienced ingester of New Orleans food, more Creole there than Cajun and to the west down there, Cajun food in Cajun country like Lafayette, these nice people in New Castle don’t cut it. Gumbo in particular there is more than disappointing.

    • stan merriman

      Try Cajun Kate’s in Wilmington. Gumbo, poor boys, red beans and rice, this place is the real deal.

      • cassandram

        And if Cajun Kate’s is serving up soft shell crab Po Boys, run — DO NOT WALK — to get yours!

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