Would You Date A Trump Voter?

Via the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The first date was going great. Until politics came up.

It was a summer evening at Nineteen, and for two hours, Bryan Leib and the woman he met on a dating app had been enjoying drinks and a bird’s-eye view of the Philadelphia skyline.

Then she asked for whom he had voted in the presidential election. Leib, treasurer of the Philadelphia Young Republicans, answered honestly: Donald Trump.

“She stopped in her tracks and said, ‘You know what, Bryan? This has been a lot of fun, but I think we’re two completely different people,’” Leib, 32, of Center City, recalled. “And she literally got up and left.”

Not sure why he was surprised. It’s a really good question, because it tells you so much. Let’s review!

Voting for Trump tells me you were okay with his blatant racism, misogyny and bigotry. It wasn’t a deal breaker for you which tells me a LOT.

Voting for Trump tells me you were okay with women facing “some sort of punishment” for having an abortion. You believe in forcing women to give birth (and you wonder why women won’t date you?) while at the same time restricting their access to birth control. *Notice how condoms never come under attack in the birth control discussion? Me too. Wonder why? Perhaps because it’s the one form of birth control men have complete control over.

Voting for Trump tells me your patriotism seems puddle deep; that attacking John McCain for being a POW and going after the Khan family, which checked every racist, misogynist, bigoted box didn’t cause you to not vote for him. Yeah, your “support the troops” mantra has a asterisk next to it. It’s conditional.

Voting for Trump tells me that you don’t “believe” in science (as if science is a belief system – and that, right there, is a deal breaker). Evolution and Climate Change aren’t open for debate.

Voting for Trump tells me that you buy into the “boys will be boys” and “just locker room” talk when it comes to sexual assault and harassment. Sorry, but if you dismiss this, that’s a big ol’ red flag on the field.

Voting for Trump tells me that you’re immigration views aren’t based on facts. They’re based on bigotry. Facts would tell you that immigrants commit far fewer crimes that native-born Americans and that if you want to fear someone you should worry about home-grown right wing terrorists.

Voting for Trump tells me that the LGBTQ community doesn’t matter to you and that you’re fine with discriminating against them in the military, a bakery, bathrooms, schools, etc..

Voting for Trump tells me that your “family values” platform doesn’t extend to the neediest among us. You know, show me your budget and I’ll show you your values.

Voting for Trump tells me you probably scoff (or worse) at Black Lives Matter. It also tells me that you’re an easily led individual, one that’s been told (and actually believes!) that kneeling NFL players are doing so to disrespect our country and our military – A person who actually believes that Chicago has the strongest gun laws and has probably uttered the phrase “black on black crime” and when called on it trots out the tired (and revealing) line, “But I have a black friend!”

Voting for Trump tells me that everything you ever said about the debt and deficit is BS. If it wasn’t, you’d be freaking out about the latest GOP/Trump tax cuts. You’d also be howling about the Niger Investigation  – and if Hillary had been President you’d be screeching about locking her up. Oops! You’re still doing that, only not about Niger. Which leads me to me next point…

Voting for Trump tells me you’re most likely a hypocrite.

There’s so much more, but you get the picture. Asking someone if they voted for Trump tells you soooo much about that person. It’s a great question. Here’s another question: Why would Leib be surprised his date (quite nicely and clearly, I might add) considered his Trump vote a deal breaker? It told her everything she needed to know.

Feel free to add your own “Voting for Trump tells me…” in the comments. I left out a lot!

19 comments on “Would You Date A Trump Voter?

  1. YEAH.. this is easy. Run!!

  2. Not only wouldn’t i DATE trump voter, but I torched bridges with friends and loose acquaintances that voted for him.

    There are a handful of family members who I suspect did it, but my politics are well known to the ol’ fam and they keep their yaps shut about it. I dont mind holding on to that prejudice, even if they did it to “mess shit up” as one former friend explained, it says something so deep and fundamental about their soul, I just cant ever wanting to be around such a person.

    • I try to keep my yap shut around psycho lefties as well.

      Here’s a hint: You are the one with the problem, not them.

  3. Nice litany of reasons to run for it, but I suspect a great many Trump voters focus did not include all these points and perhaps none at all. Some voted for him because they wanted “a change”, I’ve heard that many times. Some got sucked in by the macho butt kicking mantra of Trump and bought the MAGA bit hook line and sinker, more than a few vets included. Some truly are virulent racists, homophobes and misogynists, but I feel the majority are not. In my work as a musician I avoid talking about politics like the plague, same for religion. But if she cut and run on revealing you voted for Trump it was probably doomed for a host of other reasons as well. Remember Mary Matalin and James Carville make it work, and on politics their polar opposites.

    • You’re a good person! I would view the “I wanted a change” voter as either uninformed or on board with Trump’s policies. I mean, either they didn’t know about repealing the ACA or they supported it. That goes for other policy issues, as well. The macho, butt kicking supporter is to be avoided at all costs. You know, red flag.

      If they’re still supporting Trump today, that’s where the disconnect lies. It pretty much tells me all I need to know. See? You are the better person!

      • So, I am married to a Trump supporter. He is a registered R, but typically votes for Dems here locally. He isn’t a horrible person and none of those reasons you listed were why he supported Trump. He would have voted for Bernie. He couldn’t stand Hillary and thought she was extremely corrupt. Obviously, I think he is an idiot, but he at least regret the vote.

  4. cassandram

    Some voted for him because they wanted “a change”, I’ve heard that many times.

    So have I. It says to me that they were OK with the big lies and white identity politics. It says to me that they are OK with writing off huge portions of the American citizenry in favor of politics specifically focused on angry white people and rich people. Frankly, this is a person who does not think that We The People is a thing. Or that their We is pretty narrowly defined.

  5. Deciding on whether to have a drink with someone based on who they voted for in the last election…

    Indicates a borderline psycho that you are better off without anyway.

    Just my $ 0.02

    Obviously not a fan of the politics of the typical poster here but would not let that be a deal breaker with regards to having a drink with :).

  6. “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.” Thomas Jefferson, From a letter to William Hamilton, April 22, 1800

    You all must be the leftist of the left. I have friends who voted for Trump and Hillary. I have no animosity, towards either of them. Their my friends and that is the most important aspect. I would go to bat for them, in an instant. So, is that the first thing you ask a person, who they voted for?

    Pretty trivial.

    • “My political opponent is a hermaphrodite, now Im gonna go rape my slaves”…. also Thomas Jefferson.

    • Did you read the post? It was about dating using a dating app. It wasn’t about established friendships.

  7. cassandram

    I have drinks with Trump supporters fairly routinely. But having a drink is a different thing than going on a date, right?

  8. nathan arizona

    ben, you must be great fun to hang with.

  9. nathan arizona

    they must like how you spread the cheer.

  10. “You know, show me your budget and I’ll show you your values.” Really??

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