The Polling Report for November 3, 2017

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that a 58% majority say they approve of special counsel Robert Mueller’s handling of the Russia investigation while 28% say they disapprove. People’s views depend in large part on their political leanings, but overall, Americans are generally inclined to trust Mueller and the case he has made so far.

Meanwhile, fewer than 4 in 10 Americans say they believe Trump is cooperating with Mueller’s investigation, while about half believe he is not.


The same poll finds Americans oppose President Trump’s emerging tax plan by broad a 17-point margin, with 60% saying it favors the wealthy -– including six in 10 of the wealthy themselves.


A new Pew Research poll finds that just 34% of Americans approve of President Trump’s overall job performance, while 59% disapprove.

“However, Trump’s job approval rating is higher than those of Republican and Democratic congressional leaders. Just 22% approve of the way Republican congressional leaders are doing their jobs, down 12 percentage points since February. Job ratings for Democratic leaders are not quite as negative (29% approve), though also are lower than in February (37%).”



A CBS poll released Wednesday found 80 percent think that taxes for big business should stay the same or go up; 56 percent said Trump’s plan will benefit the rich, while 13 percent said it would benefit the middle class; and 70 percent said Congress should address other issues before passing a tax bill.


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  1. No discussion of this race?

    Close one but unfortunately I think blue NoVa puts Northram over the top. But would not be shocked by Gillespie win, off year polling/prediction turnout always tough…

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