The Polling Report for October 30, 2017

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds President Trump’s job approval rating has declined to the lowest point of his presidency, 38% to 58%.

“Looking ahead to the 2018 midterm elections, which take place a year from now, 48% of registered voters in the poll say they prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress, while 41% want a Republican-controlled Congress.”

“[T]the Republican advantage in GOP-held congressional districts has decreased from +14 in September (52 percent preferring a GOP-controlled Congress versus 38 percent preferring a Democratic-controlled Congress) to +6 in October (47 percent GOP, 41 percent Dem).”

The decline in support is particularly notable among several groups that have long been seen as a key part of Trump’s base. Support from whites declined from 51 percent to 47 percent, and it was even more steep among whites without a college degree—from 58 percent to 51 percent.  Trump’s personal rating is also declining, as only 36 percent of Americans view him in a positive light, compared to 54 percent who see him negatively.


The latest Gallup poll has Trump at 35%, with 60% disapproving.


A new Washington Post-University of Maryland poll finds 71% of Americans say the nation’s politics have reached a dangerous low point, and a majority of those believe the situation is a “new normal” rather than temporary.

“The poll finds that 7 in 10 Americans view the Trump administration as dysfunctional. But dissatisfaction extends well beyond the executive branch: Even more Americans, 8 in 10, say Congress is dysfunctional, and there is limited trust in other institutions, including the media.”

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  1. Per “the new normal” in politics have noted several articles saying the Republicans are now the party of Trump as those that want none of Trump flee elected office, highly unusual as they control the government at all levels. Suspect post Trump the party will not embrace white nationalism if for no other reason than it’s a losing strategy in an ever more diverse nation, also suspect their one true god will remain money and those that have the most of it.

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