Mullaney Announces, Oberly Ponders, Jennings Silent

Former Attorney General and US Attorney, and fixture in Delaware politics and legal circles for several centuries, Charles Oberly, is still mulling whether to run for Attorney General, but should decided in the next month, according to Matthew Bittle.

New Castle County Chief Administrative Officer Kathy Jennings, the former state prosecutor who left the Department of Justice in December 2016, has been mum about whether she will run.

Meanwhile Tim Mullaney announced this past week that he is  running for attorney general.  Mullaney served as then-Attorney General Beau Biden’s top aide from 2011 to 2014, and led the department’s Fraud and Consumer Protection Division for three years before that.   He then replaced the infamous David Grimaldi as former New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon’s top administrator.  He’s currently the National Fraternal Order of Police’s director of labor services.  He was previously a U.S. Marshall from 1994 until 2002.    It does not stretch fact to state he would be the State Police’s law and order candidate in the primary, at a time when we might just need less state police influence in state government.

In a news release, Mr. Mullaney said he “will not hesitate to champion for Delawareans by standing up to Republican President Donald Trump.” He praised lawsuits against the White House filed by Democratic attorneys general in several states over actions taken by the president over issues like immigration and health care.  He believes authorities need to come down hard on violent criminals but also must work to change certain aspects of the criminal justice system, such as providing more treatment for people suffering drug addiction.

“We need to be aware of the ever-changing needs of our communities and be willing to look within the criminal justice system itself to fearlessly abandon what is not working, improve certain aspects and exercise the ability to create new initiatives to ensure the equal protection of every person in this great state,” Mr. Mullaney said. “We cannot arrest more people and hope these challenges will go away. We need more treatment options and other resources to address the public safety challenges facing Delaware. I look forward to discussing my ideas with the voters up and down Delaware in the coming months.”

I hope Jennings runs, and if she doesn’t, our salvation is not Oberly.  He has just been around way too long to bring change to Delaware’s criminal justice system.  We need a young new candidate, perhaps one of Denn’s young deputy AGs, to chart a new course for Delaware.  Not a retread.




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18 comments on “Mullaney Announces, Oberly Ponders, Jennings Silent

  1. I moved to Delaware in 1974, hard not to notice the state police were politically active and a force in state politics to be reckoned with. Nothing like this existed in New York, the state police were not in politics at a visible level. In my opinion a politically active police force is not good for democracy and not good for policy. Notice Delaware has nearly twice the incarceration rate of New Jersey, rather than taking a pragmatic approach and doing what works we simply warehouse the problem and pay out the posterior to do it. For this we have money? As noted Oberly needs to go home and Mullaney has deep ties to the state police but seems to say all the right things. I agree, we need a young candidate with a fresh view of the AG’s office.

  2. Mullaney is another sleazeball from the Biden-Gordon assembly line. About the only person who’d be a worse candidate is Sam Guy.

    • HyperbolicDem

      Please, Alby, do not say Sam’s name two more times or he will run. He’s like a more damaged Beetlejuice.

      Personally, I cannot wait for Mullaney and Jennings to start throwing punches. Both have closets…er, warehouses full of skeletons. Mullaey is irrevocably tied to Gordon and Jennings has the interpersonal skills of Gunny Hartman from Full Metal Jacket and it is no coincidence that she made herself the Acting Director of Public Safety with the retirement of Joe Bryant.

      If anything, it will be entertaining and make Oberly look like the logical, adult choice.

      • Hyperbolics Dems dont have no clue what you talkin about. Keep Sam Guy’s name out your mouth. Have you seen what he has done for the City and when he was runnin NCC Guv? Guy knows how to run Guv. Anybody that says otherwise is jealous. Guy will be Governor soon enough.

        • HyperbolicDem

          “Run NCC Guv?”

          First of all, he didn’t run anything in NCC, nor did he contribute one positive thing.

          Second, wtf is a “Guv?” If you want to make a point, you shouldn’t start the paragraph with the sentence “Hyperbolic Dems dont have no clue what you talkin about.” I’m not multiple people, so no need to pluralize, and I can loan you an apostrophe and a “g,” since you forgot them. Also, I’ll trade you an “any” for your “no” and throw in an are.

          • You and Alby just so jealous. You mad because you aint never been elected. You aint done nothing compared to Guy. How did he not contribute one positive thing? The guv was great during that time with him and Gordon. So keep attacking me. Its only because you cant think for yourself and you got nothin to say for real. Guy for Guv. Mark “Dems” words.

  3. Marks my words. Sam Guy will be Governor! Ya’ll just wait and see. If he wanted that Attorney Generals job, he could have that too. He is just choosing to ride it out as states senators for now.

  4. Sam Guy acts like a high-functioning person on the autistic spectrum on his best days. On his worst he’s a lunatic. Only in a city as devoid of political talent as Wilmington would put up with him at all. There’s no question he’s bright, but his personal skills are non-existent, which is why I suspect Asperger’s.

    There’s a better chance of his getting disbarred than getting elected to any higher office than he now holds.

    • I thought I told yall to leave Guys name out your mouth. Guy knows how to run Guv. And Guy will be the Guv. You have yet to prove me wrong. You just name callin. No facts as usual.

  5. Sam Guy can’t tie his own shoes. Are you the one who helps him?

  6. He uses velcro, but thats besides the point. You still have yet to prove me wrong. You got no facts…just name callin.

  7. You have provided nothing more, just mindless praise of a fatally flawed bozo. Where’s the evidence Sam Guy could win any office when it took him decades to capture the most easily won office in the state?

  8. I just realized that The Man must be Sam himself, because there’s nobody else on the planet who would stick up for him like this.

  9. This definitely aint Sam. But I wish I was. I dont need evidence. His record speaks for itself. We will see how much you talk when Sam wins states senators, then becomes the Guv. We will see how much you talk then. Dont come askin Sam for no favors when that happens. Guy knows how to run Guv…and Guy will become the Guv.

  10. His record speaks for itself, all right. Yours does, too.

  11. HyperbolicDem

    Do you mean his record of his law license being suspended? His record of colluded with criminals like Tom Gordon? He record of suing, virtually, every employer he worked for, or judge who ruled against him? You mean that record?

    He’s an ignorant, mentally unstable, criminal. And, “The Man”, in case you are unclear on who I am speaking about, it is SAM GUY’S name that is in my mouth and in nauseates me.

  12. It must really nauseate you. That’s why you keep bringing his name up. Yall just love to hate. Everything you said is stupid and fake and makes no sense. It took you how many days to respond and come up with that? Shoot. Guy did run NCC Guv behind the scenes. Whether you want to admit it or not is on you. Look how good things were during that time. Again, his record speaks for itself. Point blank. Dont come askin for no favors when he gets that states senators spot and then the governors spot. I bet you got nothin to say now.

  13. No, it’s not fake.

    We’ve got plenty to say now, Sam. Really, nobody else would even attempt to defend this clown, unless his mom is still alive.

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