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Sam Guy Looks To Replace State Senator Margaret Rose Henry

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!! Do I need to say more? Just in case, here’s this…



For her part, here is Senator Rose Henry’s retirement post:

14 comments on “Sam Guy Looks To Replace State Senator Margaret Rose Henry

  1. All y’all who say Guy cant win are just jealous. This is just the next step for what will be considered a great political career. Governor is up next!

  2. What a classless piece of shit Sam Guy is.  He forces Senator Margaret Rose Henry to announce her retirement earlier than she planned because he sent out a press release announcing her retirement before she had a chance to.   From the News Journal article above:

    “Controversial Wilmington City Councilman Sam Guy said Thursday that he plans to run for the state Senate seat¬†Margaret Rose Henry will vacate after¬†more than two decades.¬†¬†And in doing so, Guy publicly revealed Rose Henry, D-Wilmington, will not seek re-election to a seventh term next year ‚Äď a turn of events that came as news to the incumbent senator.¬†¬†“I am retiring,” the Senate Majority Leader¬†confirmed minutes after Guy sent out a press release declaring his candidacy.”

    The First Senate District simply must find someone other than Charles Potter or Sam Guy to represent them.  I will give large sums of money to any one willing to run again those abusers and disrespecters of office.

  3. This was a classless move, and Senator Henry deserved more respect from Guy.

    • C'est la vie

      In the words of our former first lady, “When they go low, we go high.” That is exactly how Senator Henry responded to the matter. Her post on Facebook showed her grace and professionalism. She will certainly be missed.

  4. Sam Guy has been like this for decades. His election, along with those of Karen Welding Stewart and Karen Hartley Nagle, shows that there are too many elective offices in Delaware if we have to turn to people like this to fill them.

    • AGovernor

      He may be running, doesn’t mean he will fill the office.

      • HyperbolicDem

        Unfortunately, he has a good chance of winning. It hurt to just type that, but it’s true. We need a good candidate to oppose him.

        • I don’t think he does. He had to run for office how many times before he finally won one? He has all the personal appeal and charisma of an autistic person, which I suspect he is (interview him sometime and see if I’m wrong). ANY opponent has a better chance.

          • Sam is a very intelligent person. I thought he did good during his first career on the City Council. This time around, I’m starting to wonder. But I think of Al Plant, and how he was relentlessly smeared in the News Journal, etc, basically for being an uppity Black person. After he ceased to be uppity and settled into being part of the problem, he was beaten on no more….

  5. I’d actually rather he be contained down in Dover than causing such havoc in City Council. I don’t think he’d be able to cause the same level of obstruction he can now. Of course, if I lived in SD 2 I’d be singing a different tune. Can’t imagine he’d get much done for his constituents given that he can’t play nice with anybody at all.

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