Obama is back in town

A surprise guest came out to a fundraiser for the Beau Biden Foundation being held at the Wilmington Country Club last night: the greatest living former President alive, Barack Obama.

“An audible gasp was heard when the former president, along with former Vice President Joe Biden, were introduced to the audience attending the cocktail reception and silent auction to raise money for the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children. “If I’d known that you were giving away a car on the hole-in-one, I would have played,” Obama joked. On a more serious note, Obama said he was there to lend his voice and support to a family that he cares deeply about. And “to honor a man that I thought the world of and to say thank you to all of you for supporting this wonderful cause.”

The annual Beau Biden Foundation Cocktail Reception and Silent Auction is a big fundraising for the Foundation, which works to expand and continue work training adults in child abuse prevention and kids and families in bully prevention.

Here is some video of his and the greatest living former Vice President, Joe Biden’s, remarks.

More, thanks to Paul Baumback and Laura Sturgeon:

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17 comments on “Obama is back in town

  1. Voters inclined to vote D ain’t gonna relate to cocktail receptions and silent auctions for foundations at country clubs in chateau country. Spectacles such as this simply reinforce what George Carlin said of American politics:

    “It’s big club….and you ain’t in it.

    • I want you to know, I ALMOST nailed exactly what you said before I looked at your comment. I didnt get the Carlin reference, so I guess you’re only 90% predictable. I expected “Obomba” or something like that, but maybe it’s still early.

      • I’ve noticed that your sole argument against any of my comments is they offend your sensibilities. Now that’s 100% predictable.

  2. @DD: Yeah, much smarter to raise money for charity by asking for donations from the poor. Also, where did you get the idea that this was about Democratic voters rather than its actual purpose? More signs of botdom.

    • I’m sorry, I meant to address that to DC, not DD.

    • There wouldn’t be so much need for charity if, while in office, they had actually done something for their vote constituents instead of their cash constituents.

  3. “… the greatest living former President alive, Barack Obama.”

    and ,,,

    “… the greatest living former Vice President, Joe Biden”

    Um…. what is so “great” about these guys ?

    • In Delaware Dems own mind!

    • Look again at where the bar has been set. Seems like you as critics are more knee-jerk than the people you’re criticizing.

      • All – and I mean all – they do is criticize. They never – and I mean never – offer solutions or demonstrate understanding of any subject.

        • That’s why I suspect pay for play.

        • What solutions??? Pandy??

          • Do you really think you offered anything of substance in the health care discussion? I don’t. Not one solution or idea. No one bit of understanding how health care/insurance works.

            • Pandy, If I or you had a solution. That would work for everyone, then we would be hero’s. But, you or I are not going to make everyone happy. Yes, IMHO, everyone should have access to affordable healthcare. But, there are a great number of factors. Do I believe that single payer is the answer, no. But, we have some smart people in this country and there is a solution. But, we have elected officials, both D’s & R’s, that want something for themselves and not for who they represent.

  4. @Anono: Perhaps you failed to notice, but this post was about raising money for a charity that has nothing to do with politics except Biden’s involvement. Yet some asscrack decided it was a good place for a cheap shot.

    Try to keep up.

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