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Time for Bobby Marshall to go. Jordan Hines announces run for 3rd SD

223.  That is how many people voted for Bobby Marshall for Mayor of Wilmington in 2016.

37.  That was the vote difference between Marshall and his primary challenger Sherry Dorsey Walker in 2014.  Not 37%.   37 people.  37 votes.

The writing is on the wall, surrounded by flashing red lights and an air raid siren going off in the background.  The message: Retire or be defeated, Bobby Marshall.

It is time for a new generation of Democrats in Delaware.  And that new generation is already taking the reins.  A new generation of leadership for our state party, and for the party in Wilmington.   The reelection of Bobby Marshall is incompatible with that new generation.  Marshall hasn’t announced any retirement plans that I know of.  So he needs to be pushed.

Thankfully, Jordan Hines and other young candidates may provide that push.  Hines has announced his candidacy for the 3rd Senate District.  I hear another candidate may also be joining the primary, so I look forward to finding out who he or she is.

As for Hines, he is 27 years old and he grew up on Wilmington’s East side.  He had a troubled childhood that found him being raised, through foster care, by his grandparents.   But that troubled childhood hood did not result in a lost adulthood.  Instead, he received an education and got involved in his community and in local and national politics.  He volunteered on several campaigns, including Obama for America and Beau Biden’s AG campaign.  He has served as Robotics Coordinator for F.A.M.E. Inc. to encourage the representation of minorities in Engineering, and as a Project Director for Christina Cultural Arts Center.  He is an executive member of the Monday Club, a men’s organization that empowers young people in the community,  and was an active Youth Leader at Impacting Your World Christian Center Church, along with his wife,  Dr. Shekelia Hines.  He sits on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware and the State Human Relations Commission.  He has also worked as a Legislative Aide for the Register of Wills in New Castle County and as a Legislative Policy Analyst for the City Council of Wilmington.

I look forward to watching this campaign progress.

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4 comments on “Time for Bobby Marshall to go. Jordan Hines announces run for 3rd SD

  1. dthompon3662

    Marshall has to go, but I need to hear more actuall policy positions from Jordan. Where is he on the minimum wage, PIT, job creation, healthcare, environmental concerns and renewable energy. All I have heard thus far is back story and personality stuff. I’m a policy and specifics kind of guy, and I’m waiting for that. I’m eager to see who is gonna take down Marshall, but if too many people jump in I worry marshall will just end up winning again.

  2. SussexWatcher

    I couldn’t find anything on Hines’ website about which seat he was running for – just a generic “candidate for Senate” description. Is he afraid of publicly taking on Marshall or just a bad communicator?

  3. I hear the kickoff is at the boys and girls club in Wilmington on Saturday Sept 23rd noon (12-2) and he will be speaking about his platform at 12:30 prompt. I’m going and think he is the fresh face, smart, energetic man we need all year around to work for us✨

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