Sussex GOP plans to rally to support Trump

The Sussex County Delaware GOP will host a rally at North Bedford Street Park in Georgetown from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, September 9th to support Donald Trump.  It will be interesting to see who speaks at this rally, and rather some of the President’s more vehement supporters, like white supremacists and the KKK will attend, and to what extent they display their hateful rhetoric and flags.

Sussex GOP Vice Chairman Don Petitmermet says they are “hoping for a good size crowd,” with probably about 100 attending, although invitations have been sent to all registered Republicans.  I don’t know, I think 100 people is an attempt to low ball the estimate of attendees and then proclaim victory when more show up.  Sussex County is Trump territory and there should be more than 100 people to attend a rally on a nice late summer Saturday.

The question is to what extent will there be or should there be a counter protest.   My impression from downstate is that both parties leave each other alone when their respective events are held.  There are no major counter protests whenever the Democrats hold their Jamboree or their recent Picnic in the Park in Bethany Beach.   I think the protest should be monitored by our side, if only to see if any elected officials speak and record their speeches if they do, and to observe what the crowd is saying.  Any hateful bigoted displays will be quite useful to paint the entire state GOP with.


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3 comments on “Sussex GOP plans to rally to support Trump

  1. Bill Cortes

    Counter protest at this event would be, pardon me, “counter productive”. What they want is the opportunity to say “both sides are guilty of trouble-making and hate”. I say “we go high….” Leave the swamp to them.

    • cassandram

      Ugh. If we don’t show up for our values no one will.

      That said, I think that the Sussex Dems have already put the kabosh on a counterprotest. But a point of order — the Jamboree is not a rally. It is the equivelent get together and fundraiser that is more like the thing that the GOP does at Vicmead. I *do* hope that someone goes to record at least. Because if the tables were turned, we’d never be afforded that much grace.

  2. mrsaxde2015

    I’m very curious about how many people this actually attracts, given that it is happening on the same day as the annual Nanticoke powwow not too far down the road. Maybe that was the plan — lowball the expected attendance, declare victory if more show up, blame it on the powwow if they can’t get 100.

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