I Don’t Think There’s Any Fixing This

I’m not sure there’s any way to reach an uneducated citizenry.


Those are tweets blaming President Obama’s response during Hurricane Katrina. This really is our biggest problem, and I have no idea how to solve it.

10 comments on “I Don’t Think There’s Any Fixing This

  1. The solution is both simple and unnecessarily complex: Get the educated citizenry out to vote.

    • While that makes life more bearable, the problem is that these people exist. That’s problematic even when they don’t hold power.

      If ignorance and stupidity don’t cost people anything, it’s hard to dissuade it.

  2. Bill Cortes

    Agree. And I’m not sure how much time needs be spent trying to change their perceptions. There’s no fixing a “true believer”…………..

  3. Wondering

    Sadly I had to unfriend my niece on facebook as she was espousing much these same sentiments. It is almost a “groupthink” mentality/response for the Trump supporters. They latch on to something outrageous and use it to justify their support. Unbelieveable!

  4. Wondering

    My niece lives in Texas outside of Houston (not in the epicenter of the storm though) . . . BTW.

  5. it’s possible those are all bots. Even if they are, it’s best not to consider them real people.

  6. I suspect it is better to talk about them being miseducated.

  7. Wondering

    20 Texas senators and representatives voted against giving aid after Hurricane Sandy . . . unbelievable?!?!

  8. Bots are very possible, suspect they’ve got an algorithm to generate the comments with key words, in this case Obama, vacation and golfing. As for the truly ignorant it will take time, there’s no sense in talking to them as they will not change, that and they will be blaming Obama for a decade or more.

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