Conservative Couture?

We knew this was coming. This Vogue cover set John Carney, Breitbart’s finance and economics editor, off. Here’s the cover. Can you spot the attack against conservatives?

Having trouble finding it? I’ll let Carney explain.


That’s right. It’s that lefty lady in the top right corner. Wonkette breaks it down beautifully:

“Actually, what Carney is upset about is the inclusion of the Statue of Liberty on the cover, because the Statue of Liberty is offensive to Conservatives. Because of how much she likes immigration, and is a woman.”


Carney then explained that it was all CONTEXTUAL because it was released after that time Stephen Miller thought that “The New Colossus” was written after the statue was erected (it was actually written before, in order to raise money to build the statue).


Of course, the thing with the way fashion magazines work is that this cover would have been shot at least three months before. Not knowing this could be a hindrance to Carney when he takes over the fashion industry.

Sure, this seems silly, and it would be silly if there wasn’t so much of this. Putin/Russia loving is all the rage in conservative circles. Suspending elections – works for them! Trump won the popular vote, or… Trump would have won the popular vote if those “illegal immigrants” hadn’t voted – that one always confuses me. Everything is so reactionary. And this little spat sums up the problem perfectly. Conservative patriotism always struck me as shallow and situational. Shallow in that they used it as a weapon to silence any criticism, and situational because… Hello? It’s the Statue of Liberty! They’re pretty damn quick to toss aside that symbol. Yes, they. Carney isn’t alone in this.

If Dems like something, conservatives (including Republicans) hate it. We saw this with President Obama. There were even jokes about how he should use reverse psychology to pass his agenda.

So, while we laugh at this nonsense (and there’s so much of it) we need to remember that an informed citizenry is necessary to our government. That’s no joke.

I’ll leave you with this:

Their sacred objects?
Oh wow.

8 comments on “Conservative Couture?

  1. I would like to take this moment to congratulate our governor on no longer being my least favorite John Carney.

  2. cassandram

    It’s all about the grievances. Deserved or not. It’s all they have, actually.

  3. “…workers should should own the means of production”

    …is straight up Karl Marx.

    Thought front cover of Vogue would be among the last publications where such ideas would be expressed, but hey ….somebody’s gotta be first.

  4. “we need to remember that an informed citizenry is necessary to our government.”

    In that case we are well and truly fucked.

  5. anonymous redux

    those words were photoshopped later, although she is a delightfully outspoken liberal. she looks great, too, but maybe I’m not supposed to say that.

  6. anonymous redux

    it was a joke.

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