The Daily Delawhere for July 31, 2017

A building on Bedford Street in Georgetown. Photo by xzmattzx.

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3 comments on “The Daily Delawhere for July 31, 2017

  1. snewton929

    And in the category “smashing glass ceilings”: DSU announced today that Dr. Wilma Mishoe is the new Chair of the Board of Trustees and Dr. Devonna Williams is the new Vice Chair. Not only for the first time in 126 years is a woman at the helm, but two women–a generally unprecedented move in higher education, and more unique than you might think at an HBCU.

    So now, with President Harry Williams, we’ve got Executive VP/Provost Tony Allen, Board Chair Wilma Mishoe, and Board Vice Chair Devonna Williams (the last three all deeply steeped in Delaware throughout their careers).

    Least of all, as of last Monday, I became Special Assistant to the Provost at DSU, but hopefully nobody notices that in the ruckus over the new Big 3.

    • Congratulations! How cool is all this?

    • cassandram

      Congratulations, Steve! DSU is really poised do do some great things in Delaware.

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