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The Gasoline Keeps Pouring On The Fire

More like a fire hose attached to a refinery spraying gasoline on a forest fire. This is a a short post, because these Tweets speak for themselves. I will only add that this is the most un-presidential, un-American, degrading and despicable thing he as done so far. If his “generals” and “military experts” do not immediately denounce this, they are cowards and equally as disgusting as Donald J. Trump.

ANYONE willing to sacrifice their life for our country should not be turned away because of gender, whether born that way, or corrected to reflect their true selves. Patriotism and loyalty is a trait not associated with any physical characteristic. It is obviously not one that is shared by our current President. This is a low in our country’s history, not because of this single issue, but because of what it represents. It is a distinct, indelible line in the sand that says we as a country have decided that only some of the people matter. The needs of the few are more important than the needs of the many and that needs of the wealthy are the most important. I can only hope history looks back at this as a small bump in an otherwise righteous trajectory, not as the cliff where our nation met its end in a fiery, gasoline-soaked, fall. It’s my hope, though hope is in is short supply these days.

21 comments on “The Gasoline Keeps Pouring On The Fire

  1. We knew this was coming. THIS WAS HIS AGENDA. This is what his voters voted for.

    • HyperbolicDem

      I truly don’t think he had an agenda. He only has a 140 character attention span and makes impulsive decisions based on who advises him and the level of trust he has in them at the time. It’s like he spins a wheel of morality when it comes to policy, only it keeps landing on “screw ’em all.”

      • Actually, the only clear and consistent agenda he had was the one against black and brown people, immigrants, Muslims, women and the LGBT community. That message was loud and clear – and brimming with details.

  2. delacrat

    Meh…Seems to me transgenders would be better off with single-payer healthcare than in the military.

    • the hell does that even mean? I know, I know, you think is some “liberal distraction”. You’re right bro. Hillary made the president do this just to take attention away from your pet cause. asshole.

      • delacrat

        Why should transgenders have anything to do with brutal colonial wars ? Or are you ok with those ?

        • Who are you to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do?

          • HyperbolicDem

            Well, Alby, he is the guy who started a comment about universal healthcare and “transgenders” with “meh.” So, he must know what he’s talking about.

          • delacrat

            What people “should and shouldn’t do” is what politics is all about.
            bluedelaware is a political blog. If you don’t like politics, you’ve come to the wrong place.

            • HyperbolicDem

              Perhaps try arguing the right subject and not using incorrect/offensive terminology, or reducing human beings to labels and objects.

            • No, it’s not what politics is all about. No wonder you’re so lost.

        • HyperbolicDem

          By the “transgenders,” you obviously mean people? Soldiers? Human beings? Just clarifying that you are not referring to a new Indie band, or a public transit system in Portland. Maybe start looking at people, not labels, and this may make sense.

          • As a band name, The Transgenders might work. You could wear whatever you wanted to on stage.

            • And then tour in support of your latest release Trumpocalypse, available in orange vinyl for the collectors out there.

        • My feelings about that have nothing to do with rights being stripped away from people. You’re just a whiny troll who wont stand up for people’s rights unless they fit your exact definition of what a citizen should be.

  3. Delaware Dem

    So he just kicked 4,000 serving military men and women out of the service simply because of who they are. He is an unmitigated bigoted monster. A hearty fuck you to anyone who voted for him and any leftist fuck who did not vote for Hillary.

  4. HyperbolicDem

    Delaware Dem, the key phrasing you used being “military men and women,” not transgenders, or those people. That is the crux of the issue. These Men and Women are fighting and dying to protect those morons rights to take theirs away. It’s like an infinite circle of bullshit. How can anyone go through life carrying such hatred and animosity towards other people and ideologies all the time? It must be exhausting to be such a vigilant protector of “Christian” morality, 24/7. It is doubly ironic that the one issuing this decree is the most baseless and morally devoid one of all.

    On a side note, no seemed to mention Trump’s lack of military service/desire to serve while eliminating the those who can and want to.

    • delacrat

      “These Men and Women are fighting and dying to protect those morons rights to take theirs away.” – Hyper’

      Don’t be a moron. What and whose “rights” were “protected” by invading Iraq, Viet Nam or Afghanistan ?

      • It’s really amazing. In all the years, you’ve never written a comment that added one thing of value to any discussion. I swear, if world peace happened tomorrow you’d be whining about how they are no jobs for a soldiers’ skill set. Stay on topic.

      • HyperbolicDem

        Again, try commenting on the actual subject. It always amazes me when someone comments with irrelevant, or fundamentally wrong assertions how quickly they get piled upon. It is even more amazing that they keep digging themselves deeper in the hole to allow the pile more room to grow.

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