Congressional Vote Report for July 18, 2017

More nominations in the Senate, and Defense authorizations in the House.

Recent Senate Votes
Rao Nomination – Confirmation – Vote Confirmed (54-41, 5 Not Voting)
The Senate confirmed the nomination of Neomi Rao to be administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs within the Office of Management and Budget.
Sen. Thomas Carper voted YES
Sen. Chris Coons voted NO

Hagerty Nomination – Confirmation – Vote Confirmed (86-12, 2 Not Voting)
The Senate confirmed the nomination of William Hagerty IV to be U.S. ambassador to Japan.
Sen. Thomas Carper voted YES
Sen. Chris Coons voted YES

Recent House Votes
California Drought Prevention – Vote Passed (230-190, 13 Not Voting)
The House passed the bill that would require the Interior Department to take certain actions to increase the availability of water for agricultural and other purposes in California’s Central Valley, including a requirement that the maximum amount of water practicable would have to be provided to all individuals or districts that receive water through the Central Valley Project.
Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester voted NO

Fiscal 2018 Defense Authorization – Vote Passed (344-81, 8 Not Voting)
The House passed the bill that would authorize $688.3 billion in discretionary funding for defense programs in fiscal 2018. The total would include $74.6 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations funds, of which $10 billion would be used for non-war, base defense budget needs; $239.7 billion for operations and maintenance; $10.2 billion for military construction; $142.9 billion for military personnel; and $33.9 billion for defense health care programs. It would authorize $12.5 billion for procurement of F-35 planes, research and development, as well as modifications to existing aircraft, and would prohibit the retirement of the A-10 bomber fleet.
Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester voted YES

Upcoming Votes
Nomination of Patrick Shanahan to be Deputy Secretary of Defense – PN583
The Senate will vote on the nomination of Patrick Shanahan to be deputy secretary of Defense.

Delay EPA Air Pollution Standards – HR806
The bill would extend for eight years EPA’s deadlines for implementing its new air pollution standards for ground-level ozone so they wouldn’t have to be implemented until 2025, rather than 2017, and it would modify the general process by which EPA develops National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone and other pollutants, including by requiring reviews of pollutant standards every 10 years rather than every five years.

Gas Pipeline Permits – HR2910
The bill would set statutory deadlines for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and other federal agencies to act when considering certification or permits for the construction or expansion of natural gas pipelines.

Cross-Border Energy Project Permits – HR2883
The bill would establish a new system for the approval and permitting of oil and gas pipelines and electrical transmission lines that cross the U.S. borders into Canada and Mexico, eliminating the current system created by executive orders under which a presidential permit must be issued.

Alaska Road Land Exchange – HR218
The bill would require the Interior Department to transfer 206 acres of National Wildlife Refuge land to the state of Alaska in order to build a road connecting the towns of King Cove and Cold Bay, in exchange for up to 43,093 acres of state land to be transferred to the federal government that would be made part of the wildlife refuge.

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