Fake News from Delaware1059. Surprise.

Today’s episode in Why People Don’t Trust the media comes from Delaware1059, where they are “reporting” that someone in management from Ingleside Homes is having a fit about the cuts her agency will take after the 20% cuts in Grants-In-Aid to Delaware.  This person’s fit includes accusing Senator Margaret Rose Henry of “spearheading” those cuts.

The cuts that the state made are going to pretty painful across the board.  But one pissed off non-profit manager blaming a past member of her board for this — with no evidence, just a rant — can’t be news.

First, Senator Henry isn’t even on the JFC, so if she spearheaded any cuts, this reporter should have gotten some detail on how that even happened.

Second, if there is email that is meant to support the claim that your subject is directly responsible for those cuts, then you should not publish an email that directly contradicts that claim.

Third, there needs to be a rule that if someone claims that they have a solution for not cutting their program, the reporter needs to get the details of that solution.  With credible numbers, so we an all see how this would work.  There have been far too many people claiming that there were places to cut other than them who never are asked to stand and deliver on what those places are.  And how much you get by cutting that back.

Fourth, there are schools laying off teachers this week to meet their new budget realities too.  Let’s keep a lid on the entitlement talk here.

But basically, this “news” organization took a rant that was better suited for the NJ comments section and have reported it as an “EXCLUSIVE”.  LAZY.  JUST LAZY.

I’m the last person to tell anyone that politicians don’t deserve some criticism.  But if the “media” won’t do the work to provide some context and some genuine information, they’ll continue to lose their credibility.  Because this article was bullshit from top to bottom.

You know what might be news?  An answer to the question as to how Senator Pettyjohn was allowed to fly the same day he was caught by TSA with a loaded handgun in his luggage.  Because it doesn’t make sense that someone facing a felony charge was cleared to fly within hours of this incident.  And charged after he was allowed to fly again.  Seriously.

11 comments on “Fake News from Delaware1059. Surprise.

  1. Scott Blackson

    You may want to get a proof-reader before you criticize someone else’s article. Yours has several typos and missing words.

    • cassandram

      That’s it? It is usually the mark of a bullseye when all you got is a recommendation for a proofreader. Typos or no, this reporter is still peddling Fake News.

  2. mikem2784

    Wait, people still take the local right wing rag that is Delaware 105.9 as actual media?

  3. anonymous redux

    what is Delaware1059?

  4. cassandram

    More Fake News from Delaware1059:

    The negative impact to non-profits in Delaware as a result of the 20-percent cut to Grant-in-Aid continues to mount and one the latest non-profits to suffer is the Delaware Teacher Centers, which are now closing due to the reductions in funding.

    The Delaware Teacher Center was eliminated directly from the Operating Budget, not as a result of the Grant-In-Aid process.

  5. anonymous redux

    thanks, Cassandra.

    also, interesting story just out on delawareonline (!) about Wilmington city council skullduggery.

    • cassandram

      I saw that, thanks! Will write about that in a bit, just checking to see if my own neighborhood association has gotten any funds from this. I don’t think so, but want to disclose it if I write about it.

  6. anonymous redux

    Loudell is a real pro. seems a shame he has to be thrown in among the lightweights the wdel people have working downstate. not just “delaware1059” but also Susan Monday, who I assume still has her garbage sent to northern Delaware.

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