Why Carney has not responded to the Voter Suppression Commission

According to Commissioner of Elections Elaine Manlove, they have not received the formal request yet from the Voter Suppression Commission to respond to yet. While this is an adequate excuse, nothing is stopping Carney from a preemptive denial. I know he is busy with budget negotiations, but his office should issue a statement to that affect immediately. I can type it up for him if he wants.

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7 comments on “Why Carney has not responded to the Voter Suppression Commission

  1. DCDelaware

    You’re asking for evidence of a spine.

  2. Jason330

    ” I know he is busy with budget negotiations…” Is he?

    • Delaware Dem

      Strangely, Jason, he is. We apparently have Carney to thank for rejecting a deal on Friday that would have sunsetted all tax increases. That is a good thing.

    • cassandram

      He is and the rest of the government is also closing out a fiscal year. These people don’t do much without making sure they are on decent footing so there can’t be much of a surprise there is no pre-emptive statement.

  3. We on the right like to think that all Republicans are the bad guys. I quote the other day; The left wing and the right wing are all part of that same bird. A lazy, spineless politician is nobody’s friend, no matter what party he belongs to

    • Au Contraire, the lazy spineless politician is the best friend the rich and their lobbyists ever had.

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