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Republicans Walk Out

Right now, there are two pressing problems affecting the budget: the total cut to all Grant in Aid funding to non profits, a problem created by the fact that we cut taxes too much in the 1990’s and thus created a constant structural deficit problem for ourselves each year.

Democrats smartly tried to combine both issues last night. They suspended the rules and introduced HB280, a bill that restored 80% of Grant-in-Aid funding while at the same time raising taxes on those making between $60,000-$150,000 by 0.2% (6.6% to 6.8%) and then creating a new bracket on $150,000 and up that would be taxed at 7.1%, an increase of 0.5%. Everything else would stay the same with itemized deductions halved.  No income bracket below $60,000 would be touched.

This plan would raise $55.7 million in the first year and $172.8 million in the second, which is not as much as HB240, but it is enough to restore 80% of Grant in Aid funding and with another $18 million set aside that could potentially undo cuts to education or other areas.

Once the bill was introduced at 11 pm, a floor hearing was held, and Republicans walked out.   Like the cowards they are.  They refused to raise taxes on the wealthy to restore funding to non profits.  They once again do everything they can to protect their rich donors, while saying fuck you to the rest of the state.

The bill was still voted on, but since it was a Grant in Aid bill, it need a 3/4th majority, or 31 votes, so it failed 24 yes to 1 no to 15 cowards.   Valerie Longhurst voted no so she could bring back the bill today once Republicans regain their facilities, or their conscience.


9 comments on “Republicans Walk Out

  1. mikem2784

    You cannot regain something that you never had. It’s about time the Democrats actually act like Democrats. Shut it down if we have to. Don’t give in to these radicals.

    • That’s easy for you to say. What happens when state employees stop getting paychecks? What happens when services can’t run? What happens when my son loses services for his disabilities and I am poor as crap these days? The very idea of allowing a state government to shut down, which hundreds of thousands of its citizens depend on, is very radical. Both sides are playing games.

      • Both sides are not playing games.

        • As someone who is not firmly entrenched on either side, I think I can objectively say that is exactly what is going on. I am positive you will disagree with me on this. But introducing a bill at 11:00 at night when you KNOW the Republicans are going to have major issues with it, the night before a budget is due, was a BAD idea. I respect the intent, get it done, but the implementation could have been handled MUCH better. Had they allowed public comment or non-Appropriations Committee comment before the walkout, this could have played out very different. Transparency took a very ugly backseat.

  2. delacrat

    “…since it was a Grant in Aid bill, it need a 3/4th majority, or 31 votes, so it failed 24 yes to 1”

    hmmmm …… 24 yes + 1 no = 25 total votes

    24/25 x 100 = 96 %

    96 % >>>> 3/4’s majority

    I know the Dems would need rule changes, but does anyone put rule changes past any Repub’.

    • I had this same question earlier in the session. Apparently, absences do not reduce the total number of seats. You still have to determine quorum and majorities from 41 members.

  3. I think the Republicans now believe their in Washington and hold all the cards, at least that’s how their acting. I want to see the Dems stand firm and not play this game.

  4. You’ve elected the mess!

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