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Donald Trump Knows Nothing

The latest example:

First, he has no idea of what Republicans are working on now. It’s obvious he hasn’t read the Senate’s (or the House’s) bill. And I’m beginning to think that one of the reasons Republicans are going on TV and saying their bill doesn’t cut Medicaid is because they know Donald is watching TV. (Seems like he’s always watching TV.)

Second, he has no idea what simply repealing the bill would unleash. I swear, this man thinks he’s always the first one to come up with something. Two seconds of thought would tell anyone that if simply repealing the ACA was feasible then the GOP would do it. In a heartbeat. But Trump is all, Hey! I have an idea! Let’s just repeal the ACA and replace it later! I can’t believe you losers haven’t thought of this! Sad.

The man is a know-nothing. Go ahead, pick a topic – foreign policy, health care, the economy, etc. – and then look up what Trump has said on it. He’s a national and international embarrassment.

One more thing, the ACA has its problems but it accomplished one major goal – Americans now view health care as a right. The ACA has brought us closer to single-payer. It was a necessary step.

I lied. Here’s another thing: The idea that Dems should work with Republicans on Trumpcare is complete nonsense (I’m looking at you, Chuck Todd.). If Republicans want Dems help then they should drop Trumpcare and work on tweaking the ACA – you know, exactly what Democrats wanted to do after passing the ACA.

That’s a pipe dream, btw. Republicans don’t want to fix health care. They want to drain it of funding – funding they must have to pass their “tax reform”.

2 comments on “Donald Trump Knows Nothing

  1. Jason330

    Yeah. I read this just when I was starting to think that I couldn’t be startled by how stupid this guy is.

    • pandora

      It’s really stunning how little he knows about anything.

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