GOP’s Counteroffer is Unacceptable

So the DelGOP finally proposed a counteroffer today, but it is a nonstarter.

“The plan would adopt part of Gov. John Carney’s (D) personal income tax hike – hiking rates across the board – but it leaves out a provision eliminating itemized deductions.”

No. Because that means there is no new income tax bracket above 150k. Pay attention Democrats, that is unacceptable. Any budget must include at least one new tax bracket above the current top level of 60k. The current HA1 to HB240 is a good compromise between Carney’s budget and John Kowalko’s HB109, and it should remain forever as our final offer.

“Those new, higher rates would expire next June unless three-fifths of members in both chambers signed off on keeping them.”

No. No sunset provisions.  This deficit is structural because we cut taxes too much in the 1990’s when we were relying on booms in Casino revenue and corporate fees.  Any increase will be permanent.  That should forever be our final position.

In exchange [for what??], Republicans want changes to prevailing wage – though not a complete moratorium for public school districts and local governments.  The changes to prevailing wage would make it so certain pay scales couldn’t be locked in permanently – which is possible under current law.

The furthest we can go on prevailing wage is to study it, which Dems have already agreed to.  But we cannot possibly attack the wages of working families while at the same time let the wealthy keep their unearned inheritance and tax cuts.  It cannot happen so long as we want to call ourselves Democrats.

Carney met with GOP leaders Thursday morning, telling them that a sunset on tax increases were “unacceptable,” and that such a move compromises any kind of structural fix to Delaware’s budget.  “When I was in Washington, if I had a nickel for every time a Republican said to me that they want consistency in the long-term around tax policy and regulatory policy, I’d be a millionaire and that’s exactly what my budget provides,” he said.  In a statement, House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf (D-Rehoboth Beach) said the plan “…is not a sustainable solution to our budget situation and simply kicks the can down the road once again.”

“This is our last offer,” said Short. “We’re not going to negotiate with ourselves.”

Good.  Shut it down.  We will win this Short.  You will lose. You are choosing to defend the wealthy, while we Democrats are fighting for working families.

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5 comments on “GOP’s Counteroffer is Unacceptable

  1. I’ve heard that Delaware’s rate of incarceration is double that of New Jersey. Why? Not only did politicians get carried away with tax cuts they had a race to increase penalties and the dreaded mandatory sentences that they loved so much. Suggest jail should be for the violent only and that most drug offenses can be dealt with without jail time. Sorry to be pragmatic when talking about politics but hey, it happens.

  2. “while we Democrats are fighting for working families.” Keep drinking THAT kool-aide

  3. pikecreekgirl808

    Until this moment I was fighting a shut down. (The number of working families that work for this state that this will devastate is unbelievable.) But, when I saw the video of what was demanded and what was given… and when I read this… I’m really restraining from using sailor vernacular here… BUT G*(&(*&*&*($&*(#&^%$###@#$@… shut it down.

  4. cassandram

    It’s also just a stupid offer. It is an amalgam of a bunch of GOP snowflake bullshit and it just kicks the can down the road. But it also looks like flop sweat. They are close to desperate now so time for Dems to readjust their spines and play their very good hand.

  5. They all need to work for the citizens of Delaware!

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