Shoot the Hostage

The hostage is a functioning state government with a operating budget.  The hostage takers are Republicans.  Their demand is ending prevailing wage to end the standoff.

Shoot the hostage.


Walk away, Democrats.  Allow the government to shut down without a budget on June 30 at midnight.  Leave Dover.

Delaware politics from a liberal, progressive and Democratic perspective. Keep Delaware Blue.

9 comments on “Shoot the Hostage

  1. Delaware Dem

    Republicans, in case you are confused. You are Dennis Hopper. You blow up in the end.

    • Joshua W

      Hopper get’s decapitated by a subway light in the end. Jeff Daniels get’s blown up. #spoilers

      • Well, I wasn’t looking to extend the metaphor throughout the entire plot of the movie. Just this scene. LOL.

        • Joshua W

          Ah my bad. I do have a bad habit of thinking too literally.

  2. The Republicans are taking a page from their Washington comrades and playing the shutdown game. I agree, the Dems should walk away.

  3. Thomas O'Hagan

    Agree completely. You fight fire with fire.

  4. The Democrats have had control of Delaware for years……and this is what you get!!

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