The Senate GOP Releases Its Health Care Plan And It’s Still Mean

Here’s a link to the plan. I am still reading through this. Let us know your thoughts. Here’s what I’m seeing:

1 hour ago I’m reading the Senate health care bill and will offer some thoughts as I read.

Here’s an example of what that means:

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3 comments on “The Senate GOP Releases Its Health Care Plan And It’s Still Mean

  1. Here is a three-column comparison of the current law (ACA), the House bill (AHCA) and the Senate bill (BCRA, which has garnered the nickname B CRAp):

    The Health Affairs blog has a long article about it as well:

  2. The cuts to Medicaid will have far-reaching effects on people with low incomes, with disabilities, and with long lives. As well as pregnant women, children, and parents with children. The 13 senators who came up with this bill are epitome of out-ot-touch elitists.
    Great piece on The Rachel Maddow Show last night about activists from ADAPT who staged a sit-in / die-in yesterday, and an article in Rolling Stone about them, too:;
    (sorry if this is a repeat — just working my way though recent posts)

  3. cassandram

    One thing to ask the cheerleaders for this thing is if they are ready to pay for their parents or other elders to be in a nursing home. Go find out what it costs you (not the negotiated Medicare cost) and think about that that number means for you or you and siblings and whether you can manage that. The GOP “base” thinks that Medicaid will deny benefits to those underserving black and brown people. They have no idea that most of the funds go to elderly people in long term care and disabled people. Which may not make a difference to them, really, since the entire GOP project is about how many people can get hurt, so that wealthy people can keep their money.

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