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Bigoted Republicans Vote Down Equal Rights Amendment

The Equal Rights Amendment to the Delaware Constitution just failed in the House. The Republicans that sponsored the bill “jumped ship at the last minute,” according to Rep. David Bentz, and it failed to get the 2/3 vote necessary. The vote was 24-9-7-1.

All the Amendment said was this: “No person shall be denied equal rights under the law.”

And Republicans objected to that because they obviously enjoy discriminating against those they find inferior, like women, gays, lesbians and anyone with brown skin.

In this instance, a no vote and a not vote are the same thing. Indeed, those not voting are more cowardly and evil since they don’t want their bigotry and racism to be revealed and they want to continue to deceive their constituents.

Here is a statement from prime sponsor and House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst:

“Today was an extremely disappointing day on the House floor as House Republicans stood against equality and voted to kill legislation that would enshrine protections for all Delawareans. My colleagues across the aisle refused to support HB 5, which is an advancement for human dignity and equality for all under the Delaware Constitution. They used the vague implication of “unintended consequences” as a reason to vote against it.   While this bill was inspired by the Equal Rights Amendment to protect women, it is designed to protect all of those who are most vulnerable to discrimination in the eyes of the law. Today, we missed an incredible opportunity to advance human rights in Delaware, and I intend to continue fighting for this universal value.”

So, after this vote, all House Republicans and all of their staffers are racists and bigots. If you a House Republican staffer and you think you are not a bigot or a racist, then you have to quit your job today.  Here is your list of racists and bigots:

Ruth Briggs King
Richard Collins
Daniel Short
Tim Dukes
Ron Gray
Kevin Hensley
Deborah Hudson
Harvey Kenton
Joe Miro
Bill Outten
Charles Postles
Mike Ramone
Stephen Smyk
Jeff Spiegelman
Dave Wilson
Lyndon Yearick

DATE UPDATED: 6/9/2017
SPONSORS: Longhurst, Cloutier, Hansen, Henry, Lopez, Poore, Townsend, Bennett, Bolden, Briggs King, Heffernan, Hudson, J.Johnson, Keeley, Miro, Potter, M.Smith, K. Williams, Lavelle, Marshall, McDowell, Sokola, Baumbach, Bentz, Gray, Jaques, Kowalko, Lynn, Mitchell, Mulrooney, Osienski, Paradee
YES VOTES – HOUSE: All decent people
NO VOTES – HOUSE: Racist Republicans
HISTORY – The House voted
STATUS – On Ready List.
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5 comments on “Bigoted Republicans Vote Down Equal Rights Amendment

  1. Gee, Jeff Spiegleman, what a shock. I consider him to be Delaware’s answer to Ted Cruz, arrogant and obnoxious to a fault and proud of it.

  2. delacrat

    Hmmm….4 of the GOP no votes are co-sponsors.

    • Damned interesting….

    • Delaware Dem

      Not so much. It proves one of two things: 1) those 4 sponsors (Briggs King, Hudson, Gray, Miro) either intended to deceive Delawareans with their sponsorship throughout this whole process or 2) they got scared by their racist base.

      So either they are liars or they are cowards. But they definitely are bigots by this vote. Take your pick.

  3. mikem2784

    Have any Republicans offered any attempt at an explanation as to why they would vote against this?

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