The Anti-Gay Caucus in the Delaware Senate

We typically do not cover the debate and passage of resolution marking the anniversary of this or the contributions of that, or resolutions making February 6 Ronald Reagan Day and/or August 4 Barack Obama Day. Not to offend everyone, but we’re usually interested in real laws rather than symbolic proclamations. But sometimes there are resolutions that make you take notice.

June is Gay Pride month. The Senate last week passed a resolution recognizing that fact.  It passed 15-0-6, with Republican Senators Cathy Cloutier, Anthony Delcollo, Ernie Lopez, and Gary Simpson voting yes.

But 6 Republicans staged a walk out during the vote, so as to register their opinion that gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered persons are not worthy of recognition or respect.  Those cowardly bigots are Colin Bonini, Gerald Hocker, Greg Lavelle, Dave Lawson, Brian Pettyjohn, and Bryant Richardson.   They didn’t even have the courage and manhood to stand there and vote no. They ran away like the cowards they are.

Five of these Six Senators also walked out during a vote on a resolution recognizing August 4 as Barack Obama Day.  August 4 is the former President’s birthday, and the Senate earlier this year passed a similar resolution marking February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day.  That resolution received unanimous bipartisan support, save for Cathy Cloutier’s absence.   But Ronald Reagan was white and Barack Obama is black, so that is how that goes.

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3 comments on “The Anti-Gay Caucus in the Delaware Senate

  1. Well that makes 2 groups Senator Lawson has demonstrated hate while holding an elected office, good job personifying the worst of people, all while holding an elected office of the people.

  2. Rebecca Cotto

    Which is why I’m making one of those senator’s seat my main priority in 2018. Not me personally but putting one of us there.

  3. When they tell you who they are, believe them.

    So let’s remember this when folks want to sell the value of bipartisanship. Because these folks who walked out are not the folks that rhetoric is pointed towards.

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