The Blogger Revolution

It’s really a statewide revolution, as you will see in a moment.   But first, a moment of personal privilege.   Back in the heady days of 2003, when I and my generation of Democrats were angry at Democratic Party capitulation to George W. Bush, we began blogging and getting involved.  Jason330 started Delaware Liberal.  David Woodside and Cassandra joined DL over the years that followed.  I started a blog called Daily Delaware and then also merged with DL.  Mike Matthews had his own blog.   Even a young teenager Mat Marshall was getting his fast start in commenting on the various Delaware blogs.

Flash forward 10 years, and now Dave Woodside is the Chairman of the New Castle County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee.  Cassandra just last night was elected as the Chairwoman of the Wilmington City Democratic Committee.  Mike Matthews is the President of the Delaware State Education Association.  Mat Marshall was elected as the Secretary of the Wilmington City Democratic Committee.

Paul Baumbach ran his own Paul Progressive blog.  He is a leading progressive Democrat in the House of Representative now.   So is State Rep. Kim Williams, who I think still runs her own blog in between sessions of the General Assembly.

Now we just need Jason330 to run for Governor in three years.

Congratulations to Cassandra on her new position, and though it might mean some less blogging from her here, it will mean a cleaned out and revitalized City Democratic Party, and that is a worthy trade.  Best wishes and best of luck!

And hopefully, tomorrow, we Democrats will elect a new leader in Erik Raser-Schramm, who will likewise clean up and modernize our state party along the same lines.

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2 comments on “The Blogger Revolution

  1. Go, bloggers, go! Congratulations! That city slate is impressive!

    So proud of Cassandra and Dave!

  2. Point of Order

    There are no participation trophies in politics. In addition to blogging, each of the folks above did the hard work it takes to move into party leadership positions. I am grateful for the new leadership in City of Wilmington and wish them good fortune. They have a big lift coming.

    I too, look forward to the leadership of Erik Raser-Schramm at the state level as well as the other candidates on his team. It takes a village to keep the village moving forward.

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