Carney Angers Some Democrats in General Assembly

So yesterday, after the House passed SB5, the law codifying the precedent of Roe v. Wade and protecting a woman’s right to choose under Delaware law, Governor John Carney said he would sign the bill.  But then his spokesman, Jonathan Starkey, offered this statement:

“[Carney] hopes the General Assembly can now focus its attention on our nearly $400 million budget shortfall, ways to create jobs across our state, and discuss a long-term revenue plan that will help lay the foundation for a balanced budget solution,” Starkey said.

This statement has caused some tension between the Governor’s office and some Democratic members of the General Assembly.  I received the following quotes from two members who wish to remain anonymous.


“I couldn’t believe when I woke up this morning and saw the quote from the governor’s spokesman. All the governor had to say was that he supported a woman’s right to choose. Ensuring women have the right to make their own health care choices is a central plank of the Democratic Party platform. Suggesting that guaranteeing that right was somehow a waste of lawmakers’ time infuriates me and other members. So does the suggestion that the General Assembly can’t tackle more than one issue at any given time.”


“We need the governor to get involved in budget talks; we don’t need him telling us to keep our eyes on a ball we’ve been watching closely for months now. The governor’s comments in the press seem to suggest that he’s content with the plan he introduced a few months ago and now wants to leave it in the General Assembly’s hands, but I think legislators want the governor to be directly involved. He has a wealth of experience as a former Secretary of Finance, and when he stands up with strong positions defending Democratic values, it will help us get the budget right.”


These members are correct.  Action on the budget cannot happen until we get a budget agreement with Republicans, and that is not going to come anytime soon.  Indeed, I have heard that Senate Minority Whip Greg Lavelle is telling staffers to cancel their summer vacations in July and August, anticipating a looming budget standoff lasting past June 30. So in the meantime, the General Assembly is well within its rights to tackle other important legislation, while negotiations continue off the House and Senate floors. Indeed, they do have a lot to do.

10 comments on “Carney Angers Some Democrats in General Assembly

  1. butrflybecca

    I read that this morning too and I thought of all the abuse the legislators had to take over SB 5 and what it meant to me personally and I was pissed.This man is looking to alienate anyone he can. I just don’t get it Carney, it’s finally “your turn” can you actually do something with it, take a stand and leave a legacy because right now….

  2. JCSucks

    Carney is the worst. What a total waste of space – completely uninspiring and absolutely zero real leadership.

  3. GOVERNING is not an either or situation. You must multitask. Perhaps the importance of governing should require more time of the legislators than 1/2 a year with a fair amount of breaks. (yes that would cost $$$) But what is the cost benefit of rushing crap through and it not having enough vetting because it was submitted by a lobbyist since we have too much for a staffer in a truncated amount of time, WE have $$ problems, we have systemic Public school issues, problems in the prisons, etc. Perhaps if we were watching more closely their would be a benefit to having a FT legislative session. Just an idea. Your issue isn’t with the budget, it is with looming end to the session and not enough time to accomplish it, Don’t take it out on reaffirming choice.

    • Mike Outten

      They dont work hard enough now. Let the legislators work 2000 hours for 19k.

  4. There is zero immediate need for any legislation around abortion so it was nothing but a show. A complete waste of time.
    And the legislature in Texas only meets every other year and they are doing quite a bit better than we are.

  5. plewis995

    I remember wondering why this SB5 bill was popping up in the middle of trying to figure out our state budget crisis. So perhaps John Carney would like to simply move on to finding a way – other than slashing the already bare bones education budget – to fill the 400 mil budget gap?

  6. Frank Sims

    One term Carney. The people who caused the shortfall are the one’s who can remedy the problem?? Really, your kidding. Wake up Delaware.

  7. Belinda

    That’s right – kill the innocent and let the criminals live. Makes sense doesn’t it?

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