Equality, Unity and Pride Rally and March this Sunday

Delaware United, the United Universalist Fellowship of Newark, and members of the LGBTQ community are holding a rally and march this coming Sunday, June 11, 2017 to bring to light the fight for equality and rights of the LGBTQ community in Delaware and across the world.   Blue Delaware is also sponsoring and supporting this event.  The rally will take place at the New Ark United Church of Christ, 300 E. Main St, Newark 19711.  The start time is 1:00 pm,  and march will begin around at 2:30 pm.

This event will start with a rally, where speakers will get to address the LGBTQ community in Delaware, and discuss the continuing fight for equal rights for all of those within the community. Afterwards, there will be a march for unity and pride down Main Street in Newark.   The current list of speakers are as follows: State Senator Stephanie Hansen (D-10), former State Senator Karen Peterson, LGBTQ activist and advocate DeShanna Neal, and former Executive Director of the Delaware Republican Party and LGBTQ activist and advocate, John Fluharty.

From the press release concerning the rally:

We have taken great strides in Delaware for those in the LGBTQ community, but there is still work to be done. We need to better engage the public and keep educating them about the reality of human sexuality. We are still fighting in the Delaware state legislature for the recognition that homosexuality, bisexuality, and transexuality are not sicknesses that need to be treated. We need our representatives to do everything they can to ensure that this becomes accepted as fact and that equality will be ensured by direct policy changes in our state.  That is the overall effect that we hope comes out of this event, and a few of the things that our groups will continue to push for on this particular front.


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  2. Delaware does not need to blue, look where it’s gotten the state; heroin epidemic, terrible public education, jobs leaving left and right, crime through the roof in wilmington and $385 million state debt. Make Delaware work again with the best leaders regardless of party. Too many democrats in Delaware have special interests, drug company donations and use their elected offices like musical chairs. Delaware needs to get rid of elected officials who have been in office for two long 20,30, 40+ years who have gotten nothing done; those who have been in politics their whole lives.

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