President Biden? An American Possibility

Former Vice President Joe Biden “is planning to create a political action committee, the most concrete sign yet that he intends to remain active in the Democratic Party and is considering a presidential bid in 2020,” the New York Times reports.

“The American Possibilities PAC will offer the former vice president a platform he can use to nurture relationships with donors, travel on behalf of the party and contribute to candidates in the two governor’s races in November and in next year’s midterm elections… By creating a political organization, Mr. Biden, 74, is also sending an unmistakable message to the many other Democrats eyeing the White House that he is not planning to quietly recede into retirement.”

Biden, in an email to supporters, says the “negativity, the pettiness, the small-mindedness of our politics drives me crazy.”  “It’s not who we are,” he writes. “It’s time for big dreams and American possibilities.” He calls on supporters to help him support candidates and groups who believe in that message.   “In America, everyone is dealt in on the deal,” he writes in a Medium post that will also be released Thursday. “You don’t need to be born into money or power or influence. You get a shot to make it too.”

The organization’s official purpose is “electing people who believe that this country is about dreaming big, and supporting groups and causes that embody that spirit.”


Right now, three years out, Biden is one of three front runners for the job along with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.   I tend to doubt that Bernie is going to run but instead will act as kingmaker.  And they are front runners only because they are known when the host of other potential candidates, like Corey Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, are all too unknown.

I don’t begrudge Biden this, because he must know, and it must kill him inside, that he would be President today if somehow he had won the Democratic nomination.  Though I tend to discount such hypotheticals because you have to assume Hillary Clinton did not run in 2016 (in all scenarios, if Hillary runs in 2016, she wins the nomination).

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3 comments on “President Biden? An American Possibility

  1. delacrat

    Biden’s platitudes on “big dreams and American possibilities.” don’t erase his championing of the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act, the 1994 crime bill and his Iraq war votes.

    If the Dems can’t do better than Biden, get ready for Trump’s second term.

  2. Nope, love Joe completely, but he’s too old and it’s too late to be president. Suspect that post Trump America will be leery of 70 year olds in the White House, and with good reason.

  3. I tend to agree that Biden is not the answer, though I do think he would win (contrary to delacrat’s opinion). But yeah, he would be 77-78. It’s the same reason I disqualify Bernie Sanders and why I think he won’t run. He’ll be 78-79 during the campaign.

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