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Speaker Schwartzkopf Discusses the Budget and the JFC Pause

From the Press Release:

“The committee began a second round of deep cuts that could have serious long-term consequences for Delawareans. These include slashed education and public health programs – programs that provide the stability and foundation for middle class families to thrive and help grow #Delaware’s economy… For that reason, we have asked #JFC to take a step back and give legislative leaders the opportunity to meet and see if there is room for compromise to raise additional revenue so that we can balance any cuts we might have to make to the budget.”

I think that what you see here is the beginning of a negotiating framework.  But you can’t just keep cutting and hope that the GOP will do anything but let Delawareans live with these massive cuts to key services.  As far as I can tell from here (and with some discussions with a handful of legislators) the GOP has yet to come to terms with what the massive education cuts, DHSS cuts and other services will mean to their constituents too.  Balancing the budget is the responsibility of all legislators and it is time for the GOP to participate in making Delaware’s government work.

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