Raise Your Voice to Stop Education Spending Cuts for Delaware Kids

Do you want to help tell your legislators not to cut Education spending for our kids?  There is an effort to do just that now — by sending a postcard to your legislators.  There will be multiple opportunities for you, your friends and neighbors to sign these postcards for delivery to your legislator.  Many details are up on Facebook, but here are the essentials:

Join us at the Library to sign postcards urging Delaware legislators to vote against the FY2018 State Budget Cuts to Education. We will provide postcards and pens and we’ll even take care of the postage. Don’t worry if you don’t know your legislator, we can help with that too!
Make sure you bring your kids! We’ve also planned a special kid’s coloring activity to show their support for education.
Our message is: children should not have to sacrifice their education in order for the State of Delaware to balance the budget. We hope to see you there!

MAY 24
Postcard Party for Education Funding
Tomorrow 5:30 PM · Brandywine Hundred Library · Wilmington

MAY 26
Postcard Party for Education Funding
Fri 6 PM · Newark Free Library · Newark

MAY 30
Postcard Party for Education Funding
Tue 6 PM · Bear Library · Bear

You can find the links to these events on FB as well.

Bring your kids, because there are play events for them these evenings while you are signing postcards and getting more information on these cuts.

Do you want to help expand this campaign?  We could use hearing from folks involved with their PTAs to get cards signed as well.  Leave your info in the comments or reach out to us via the Contact Us link above to send your information privately.

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas. -- Shirley Chisolm

5 comments on “Raise Your Voice to Stop Education Spending Cuts for Delaware Kids

  1. Their going to force it on the schools, so the almighty elected officials can say; “We didn’t raise taxes, the schools boards did it.”

    This administration is a joke and if you keep electing Demo’s to office, this is what your going to get. You need smaller districts and cut admin at the top. Enough is enough.

    • While I partially agree with you on some points, I think this is an awesome idea. But lest we forget, some of the GOP we elect in Delaware have been there a long time as well.

    • It’s the Cut the (unidentified but surely they exist, believe me) Admin at the top argument again without any specifics!! That NEVER gets old!

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  3. Frank Sims

    Charter school sacrifices?

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