The Democratic Must Pass List

I thought it would be helpful for the General Assembly Democrats to have a list of what their base considers a must-pass or must-defeat, since at least 10 of them seem to have lost touch with what it means to be a Democrat.   So here are the highest priority legislation as I see it, though if I miss something, please blast me in the comments:

  • HB54 – Regulating Predatory Payday Loans – Keeley
  • HB42 – Sentencing Reform – Changing Consecutive to Concurrent – Bolden
  • HB71 – Financial Disclosures for Public Officers (CMPB) – Kowalko
  • HB78 – Improving Campaign Finance Disclosure – Williams
  • HB79 – Automatic Voter Registration – Bentz
  • HB92 – Real Estate Transaction Disclosures by General Assembly – Williams
  • HB130 – Expanding the Lodging Tax to Short Term Rentals – Hudson
  • Either the Senate must defeat HB125 or the General Assembly as a whole must pass HB155 – Death Penalty Preemption Act – Lynn
  • SB5(S) – Protecting Reproductive Rights in Delaware – Townsend – Passed Senate 11-7-1-2.
  • SB27 – Independent Redistricting Commission – Townsend – Passed Senate 12-7-1-1 
  • HB89 – April Primary for all offices – Bolden – House passed 34-6-1
  • HB113 – Making the EITC Refundable – Baumbach – Passed House 34-6-1
  • SB10 – Increasing Minimum Wage to $10.25 – Marshall
  • HB63 – No Excuse Absentee Voting – Jaques
  • HB90 – Early Voting – Bentz
  • HB96 – Collective Bargaining for State Employees – Mulrooney
  • HB109 – 2 New Income Brackets of $125,000 [7.05%] and $250,000 [7.80%] with a tax cut of 0.05% for every other bracket – Kowalko
  • HB110 – Legalization of Marijuana – Keeley
  • HB47 – Removal of Notary Requirement from Absentee Voting – Yearick – Passed the House 37-0-3-1
  • SB28 – Requiring the Disclosure of Tax Returns by Presidential Candidates – Townsend
  • SB65 – Banning Gay Conversion “Therapy” – McDowell
  • SB30 – Campaign Finance Disclosure of Donors’ Occupation/Employment – Townsend

There is no order of importance here.  All are important.  All must pass this first part of this session of the General Assembly.

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  1. I don’t see much on HB-35 listed. This is probably because it seems on the surface to be a “no brainer” designed to curtail prostitution and human trafficking in the massage business.

    The problem is that there IS no human trafficking or prostitution in the massage business. This is a dishonest bill, pretending that those posing as legit massage establishments are the same as Licensed Massage Professionals who are already overburdened with licensing. (We need a business license–often city and state– a massage license, a CPR certificate, need to pass a criminal background check and need to have continuing education every two years. The new law would require us to get an establishment license for our building. This is under the dishonest pretense that the illegitimate places will have to get a license and then inspectors can go in and catch them in organized crime. It is totally crazy and 100% dishonest.

    Here are just a few of the many issues with the bill:

    1. There are already laws in Delaware which deal with prostitution and human trafficking, adult entertainment, nuisance.

    2. There are already coordinated agencies in Delaware which deal with prostitution and human trafficking.

    3. There is no data to support the contention that massage establishment licensing reduces prostitution or human trafficking. 4. There is no data to support that the public will be any more protected with HB35 than without it. 5. There is no reporting requirement in the bill to prove this bill will reduce prostitution or human trafficking over time.

    6. Prostitution and human trafficking are criminal, law enforcement issues.

    7. The Delaware Board of Massage and Bodywork has no authority over unlicensed practitioners and will have no authority over unlicensed massage establishments. 8. HB35 sponsor proposes to legislate criminal activity of Prostitution/Human Trafficking through the DE Massage and Bodywork Practice Act. 9. HB35 sponsor has not offered any data to suggest criminal perpetrators will comply with HB35 thereby shifting the economic burden and public criminal perception burden onto Regulated Professional Massage Practitioners. 10. Important questions about Rules to be applied to HB35 proposed legislation are not yet in writing or left unanswered by bureaucrats 11. HB35 discriminates against the Regulated Massage and Bodywork Profession. 12. HB35 will require additional Licensing for those already Licensed, Finger Printed, Background checked and already in good moral standing with the State. 13. HB35 gives regulatory authority to people that are not highly trained law enforcement officers and tasks them with investigating and issuing disciplinary action in cases targeting criminal activity of prostitution and human trafficking that is often based in organized crime under the guise of violating massage establishment licensing. 14. Bureaucrats pushing HB35 have offered verbal assurances that HB35 is NOT targeting legitimate Massage and Bodywork Practitioners but are unwilling to put these statements and promises in writing by exempting ALL already DE Licensed and Certified Massage and Bodywork Practitioners in active, good standing

    Oh look! The current system is working without HB35….imagine that?

    This may be something you want to check into. It is going to be a big deal for licensed massage therapists, will do little or nothing to cut down on human trafficking and (as far as I can tell) is just a ploy to make a state rep look good to his constituents by pretending to do something to cut down on crime.


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  2. pikecreekgirl808

    HB 96 is the very core of the Democratic Party’s support from Labor. Delaware is one of very few states that does not allow their employees covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement to negotiate their wages. In fact nearly all Right to Work states allow wage bargaining. Labor has been side by side with Democrats and came out in huge numbers for Stephanie Hansen. But if Labor continues to be ignored by Democrats, watch how quickly their support gets shut down.

    I would add HB 96 to the list of must pass bills.

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