HB16 – The Republican Repeal of the Estate Tax – Passes the House

It passed 26-14.    It was passed without any deal announced beforehand securing Republican votes for HB109 or HB102, which would create new tax brackets for the income of the wealthy and a rise in the corporate franchise tax, respectively.  Therefore, it is a unilateral giveaway to the wealthy, and any Democrat who voted for it must be defeated and are enemies of all liberals, progressives, Democrats and working people everywhere.

The new Republicans are as follows: Bryon Short, Gerald Brady, Bill Carson, Valerie Longhurst, Melanie George Smith, Mike Mulrooney, Trey Paradee, Quinn Johnson, John Viola and Peter Schwartkopf.  It would have been nice if these former Democrats were not unilaterally giving gifts to the wealthy while demanding shared sacrifice from the poor and middle class.

We condemn you all in the strongest terms.  We look forward to working on your coming defeats.

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16 comments on “HB16 – The Republican Repeal of the Estate Tax – Passes the House

  1. You know, I wanted my foray into politics to begin by running for school board. But seeing that list of newly converted Republicans, I might have to set my sights a little higher than originally planned.

  2. So how many laid off teachers would these revenues have paid for?

  3. Mike Matthews had it at around 50.

    Avg teacher salary in DE: ~$60k. State pays about 60% of that, so $36k. $5,000,000/$36,000 = 137 State shares of teacher salaries. But state also picks up a chunk of other employment costs like insurance. So let’s say total average State contribution is around $70k.

    So that brings it to a loose estimate of 71 teaching positions that could have been funded had Democrats In Name Only voted like real Democrats.

  4. pikecreekgirl808

    So some on FB are saying the bill that passed directly before this one, the franchise tax bill, was “The Deal”… And that I shouldn’t be so upset because at least it was something.

    I don’t buy that I shouldn’t be upset… My shared sacrifice looks less like sharing and more like carrying the weight of the budget gap…

    • If that was the deal, then Peter Schwartzkopf is a worse negotiator than Donald Trump. I could have swallowed an Estate Tax Repeal or Cut so long as we passed HB102 and HB109, which would have raised the corporate franchise tax and created two new income tax brackets for incomes above 150 and 250K. But this is unacceptable.

      • So the people who are making 150 to 250k, are some small business people, who are creating jobs. And working their butts off, to keep people employed.

    • Yeah I don’t buy it either. I know the corporate franchise tax will bring in > $100 million but this was a ridiculous giveaway to the wealthy. Which is exactly what these DINOs have done before. And it’s behavior like that that gets us a $400 million budget canyon when we have “Democratic” control of the State govt.

  5. Thank you, Blue Delaware. Primaries for sure.

  6. Paradick

    This surprises you?

    The majority of these “Democrats” haven’t been voting consistent with Party principles for years.

  7. I was there during the vote. Ramone actually said the words “it will be 3-5 years until we see the benefit of this bill”. He was talking about how some (i.e. people with estates over $5.4 million) won’t move to Delaware because we had the estate tax. He said the long-term benefits with the income we would have received from those uber-wealthy would make up for the loss from repealing the estate tax. That’s great Mike! But what about the fact that you just added another $8.5 million to our state deficit and DEFAC didn’t even need to meet to push that baby over $400 million? Not a good day in the House today…

    • I’ve heard this “millionaires won’t live here” argument for 40 years, it’s a total lie and yet they continue to claim that a stampede of millionaires will rush over the border if we give them yet another tax cut at public expense. Contempt for any liar that claims this.

    • Sounds like code for “Wait until the rich people come back and create ‘all the jobs’.”

      And seriously. If I’m wealthy, and looking at property/sales/income taxes in our surrounding states trying to decide where to move and I poo-poo Delaware because of a tax on my >$5.49 million estate when I die?

      I have to wonder how I was smart enough to become that wealthy in the first place.

    • So I’m wondering. Does this create an additional framework for a discrimination lawsuit..or OCR intervention? I mean they did all but specifically name Christina School District’s Wilmington students.

  8. delacrat

    $h!+ like this is why Democrats keep losing elections.

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