Trump Fires Comey

This is really stunning. Trump fires the guy investigating him. Par for the course. Trump fired Sally Yates, too.

Josh Marshall’s take:

“In other words, they are saying that they are firing Comey, in essence, for unfairness to Hillary Clinton.

To be fair, on the surface that are not talking about fairness but Comey’s violations of precedent and guidelines in choosing to speak out about Clinton. I believe this is true. Comey’s actions in both instances were entirely inappropriate and wrong. But, in context, this is highly disturbing since this is clearly not the reason why Comey was fired.

Notably in Trump’s letter to Comey he “thanks” Comey for purportedly three times telling Trump that he was not personally under investigation in the Trump/Russia probe.

This is a very, very dark development.”

2 comments on “Trump Fires Comey

  1. pandora

    Everyone is calling for a Special Prosecutor.

    And I forgot… Trump also fired Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

  2. Public Servant

    Trump would be a good replacement
    for Kim Jong un

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