School Board Elections: TODAY!

After months of campaigning, candidate forums, questionnaires and surveys, interviews, and door knocking, the culmination is less than 10 hours away. Board seats are up for election in many of our public school districts. Polls are open NOW! and voting will continue until 8pm or until everyone in line to vote by 8pm has voted.

We didn’t do endorsements of Board candidates because, generally, if you don’t live in a particular district it’s difficult to get a good grasp on the candidates and who would be the best to vote for. As an Above-the-Canal resident, my handle on happenings in our southern districts are is not strong. That said.

I personally wish the best of luck to:

Ashley Sabo in Red Clay’s election – Already deeply involved in the District, Ashley will continue make a fantastic student, parent, and community advocate on the Red Clay’s Board

Monica Moriak in Christina’s District B election – Monica, also deeply involved with her District, will bring much needed financial know-how, creative & critical thinking, and all around positivity to a Board that sorely needs all 3 things.

You need 3 things in order to be able to vote:

  1. Be a US Citizen
  2. Live in the District you’re voting in
  3. Be age 18+

That’s it.

Polling places, depending on your home district, can be found on the Department of Elections’ websites for the county you live in:

New Castle County

Kent County

Sussex County

School Board elections are typically the least popular and least well known elections that occur. Turnout usually measures in the hundreds for each race. In districts with thousands and thousands of students and tens of thousands of households, that’s really not a good thing.

So look, do us, your community, and quite literally your future a favor and go out and vote for a school board candidate. There are a few resources online that can aid you in determining your best vote:

You have until 8pm.

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