The Ready List This Week

The big vote this week will be the vote to reinstate the death penalty on Tuesday (HB125). It will also vote on the HB120, the Jimmy Carter Cancer bill, which requires insurance coverage of certain cancer treatments without first proving that cheaper treatments failed. That’s some cognitive dissonance right there: the House will vote to have the state kill people again while also trying to save lives by fighting cancer.

The various Opioid Crisis bills will advance further this week, as those are bills garnering bipartisan support and are “easy” votes.   So Senate Bills 41, 44, 45, and 48 will likely pass the House and head to Governor Carney for his signature.


HB16 – Republican Repeal of Estate Tax – Ramone – On Ready List
HB63 – No Excuse Absentee Voting – JaquesOn Ready List
HB85(S) – Ending the 5 Mile Radius Preference for Charter Schools – WilliamsOn Ready List
HB96 – Collective Bargaining for State Employees – Mulrooney – On Ready List
HB109 – 2 New Income Brackets of $125,000 [7.05%] and $250,000 [7.80%] with a tax cut of 0.05% for every other bracket – Kowalko – On Ready List
HB113 – Making the EITC Refundable – BaumbachOn Ready List
HB114 – Raising Auto Insurance Policy Minimums – B.Short – On Ready List
HB120 – The Jimmy Carter Cancer Act requiring the insurance coverage of certain cancer treatments – LonghurstOn Ready List
HB125 – Reinstating the Death Penalty – SmykOn Ready List
HB126 – Childcare Assistance – LynnOn Ready List
HB148 – Tax Deductions for College and Disability Savings Plans  – ParadeeOn Ready List
SB4114 days of rehabilitationHansenPassed Senate 20-0-1On Ready List.
SB44Registration with the Prescription Monitoring Program – Townsend – Passed Senate 20-0-1 – On Ready List.
SB45 Adding ‘Pink” to Schedule I Townsend – Passed Senate 20-0-1 – On Ready List.
SB48Pharmacist Narloxone ImmunityTownsend – Passed Senate 20-0-1 – On Ready List.


HB47 – Removal of Notary Requirement from Absentee Voting – Yearick – Passed the House 37-0-3-1 On Ready List.
HB122 – create a new crime of committing assaults in a detention facility with a reckless state of mind – Smyk – Passed the House 40-0-1On Ready List
HB123 – Expanding Contraband to include Narcotics, Prescription drugs, Escape items – Smyk – In Committee – Passed the House 37-2-1-1On Ready List
SB5(S) – Protecting Reproductive Rights in Delaware – Townsend – On Ready List
SB19 – Pilot Program for Disadvantaged Students – McDowellOn Ready List
SB24 – Expanding Medical Marijuana to Anxiety – Henry – On Ready List
SB28 – Requiring the Disclosure of Tax Returns by Presidential Candidates – Townsend – On Ready List.
SB30 – Campaign Finance Disclosure of Donors’ Occupation/Employment – Townsend – On Ready List.

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  1. Lots of robocalls into senate districts today about SB5 from some anti-abortion group erroneously using the word “family” in their name. If you support SB5 (and you should), call your senator and encourage them to support the bill.

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