A Message to Liberal Purists…

… you know, those who couldn’t vote for Hillary because she was the lesser of two evils, or just as evil.   From Bill Maher:

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  1. delacrat

    Given her horrifying Senate and Sec. of State track records, it was far from clear that Hillary was a lesser evil than the guy who invited her to his wedding.

    That’s why he’s prez.

    • Did you actually watch the video? Bill Maher made it especially for you. You are the reason we have Trump, Delacrat.

  2. Before I start I voted for the lesser evil
    Hillary purists need to acknowledge that she ran a crap campaign that excluded what was a segment of the Democratic base and to reinforce that she made a pro right work governor her VP nominee. That act alone made my vote very very hard as a Union member

    • delacrat

      Everything you said made this Union member’s vote for Jill Stein very easy.

  3. Unfortunately Stein was a fraud along with her party. They bought into the outside email misinformation hook line and sinker

    • delacrat

      If you “think” an opposition candidate and party is a “fraud” because of someone else’s actions then heavy consumption of corporate media has evidently addled you’re critical thinking ability.

      • Stein certainly is a fraud. There are plenty of genuine opposition, non major party candidates. She is a less-talented pseudo-liberal version of drump. Her minuscule voter turn-out, however, did not land us with Drump. That was absolutely the fault of the popular vote winner’s campaign.

        • pandora

          ” Her minuscule voter turn-out, however, did not land us with Drump. That was absolutely the fault of the popular vote winner’s campaign.”

          That is an overly simplistic view and leaves out so many variables. It also leaves us open to Trump 2020. There is plenty of blame to go around – and no one’s hands are clean. We’d better learn something from this, and it isn’t blaming one thing. There are so many moving parts. We’d better address all of them.

          And here’s Josh Marshall saying it better than I ever could.

          • There were other factors to be sure. We have now had, by my count, over 10 years of cautious democrats, trying to walk a centrist line. It has resulted in near constant failure. (2008 being the shining exception)
            Carper will again run unopposed for the nomination for 2018. Im sure Dems will run people like him and wonder why they fail to take back the house or senate.

            The first presidential campaign I voted in was 2004. I remember the demstablishment falling over themselves to nominate a “safe choice”. Unless they can learn something about populism and broad appeal, we’re doomed.
            I dont blame Clinton. She was a good candidate and supremely qualified. I DO blame those who ran her campaign. Those who fed her information, made decisions with her blessing. The people who considered everything all tied up in late October. The hubris and total disconnect by people like Mook and Mcauliffe…. people who treat politics as a mental sport.
            This disconnect was on display when Dems were cheering and singing about 24m people losing their insurance. I understand WHY they were cheering, but the fact is, they do not take this seriously. The cheering showed their arrogance in assuming people will punish those repukes for hurting them….. They never have before, why would they start now? That is the party and the people who lost the last election…. and unless they can fundamentally change, they will continue to lose elections.

          • delacrat

            “She[Clinton] was a good candidate and supremely qualified.” – ben


            If she was all that, she would not have lost to Donald Trump of all people.

            Against such a repulsive opponent, AND out-spending him……I.T. S.H.O.U.L.D. N.E.V.E.R. E.V.E.N. B.E.E.N C.L.O.S.E.

          • she didnt lose to dump. She lost to a racist, pro-bumpkin technicality that was designed to maintain rural supremacy. She also lost to the hubris of the DNC establishment.

      • All you had to see what was coming out in Social Media from the Greens. A lot of it was copy and paste of a lot of RWNJ sites. It was crazy

  4. MikeM2784

    More people voted for Hillary Clinton than for any white man in history. Her campaign was far from perfect, but Trump’s was better than we want to give credit for behind the scenes (Vlad is good like that). Democratic soul searching is fine, but we have to acknowledge that a civil war is unnecessary and that the “swing” in modern elections is often based on personality and feel more than substance.

  5. When Obama refused to fight for Card Check legislation early in his first term when it had the best shot to pass it became more apparent that unions were no longer as welcome at the Democratic Party table. The Clinton campaign this last election confirmed it. That hurt in the states she lost

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